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Is a 6 year old washer worth repairing?

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newtonupontheheath Mon 09-Nov-15 11:07:55

It fills up, it drains, but it won't turn/start the programme properly. I've had a Google and it looks like it could be the brushes and/or the motor. Although I stand to be corrected if anybody can help?

My question is, is it worth calling somebody to look at it, or shall I just get a new one? It's 6 years old and used every day at least once. I've had 3 children since I bought it and it probably cost us less than £300 (Hoover 8kg one)

WhataRacquet Mon 09-Nov-15 11:09:57

If you get it repaired it could cost quite a bit and there is no guarantee it will keep working.

If you get a new one you will have a warranty for a few years if it breaks.

imwithspud Mon 09-Nov-15 11:10:59

I reckon it would make more sense to get a new one. At least then you'll have a few years guarantee too.

newtonupontheheath Mon 09-Nov-15 11:11:26

That's what I thought. But it seems so wasteful if it won't cost too much? (I have no idea how much it costs to get stuff fixed!!)

newtonupontheheath Mon 09-Nov-15 11:11:56

X post Im Thanks

misscph1973 Mon 09-Nov-15 11:16:02

Could you get a quote?

I repaired my 8 year old Bosch dishwasher 3 times (!) in the spring, and then it died. Not happy. But apart from the money (the repair man was nice, he didn't charge too much when I called him out the second and third time) I am quite glad I tried as I am like you, I think it's wasteful to replace if you can repair. I would say that 6 years is pretty good.

I now have a cheap Beko dishwasher, it's fine, and I won't be upset when it dies. Had I got a another Bosch or some other more expensive brand, I would expect too much from it.

Onmyown1 Tue 10-Nov-15 11:36:24

I've just had my washing machine fixed but was only 2 years old (4 kids, 2 loads a day). The repair man said most only last 4 years now.

Runningincircles Tue 10-Nov-15 11:41:55

My washer is is need of repair too. I priced up the repair and it would be £190 for the repair.
I looked around Currys and found 3 good machines between £320-£350 that had 8kg loads and 5 years parts and labour warranties. They had other cheaper machines too. So we are going to go for a new machine as I think it will work out cheaper in the long run.

newtonupontheheath Wed 11-Nov-15 21:58:19

our new machine was delivered today. Less than 250 for a Beko one installed, and old one taken away. If it only lasts us a couple pf years then so be it.

rabbit123 Wed 11-Nov-15 22:34:29

We had an awful Hotpoint washer that was quite expensive but very unreliable. Broke down constantly. It was written off after just 3 years and replaced with the only washer we could afford at the time. It was a big standard, 1000 spin, 5kg Beko. Only cost us £160. It lasted 6 years before the motor brushes went. Could've been repaired fairly cheaply for around £60 but by then we could afford a better machine.

The Beko was far better than the Hotpoint and cost less than half. It's only drawback was that it took hours to wash, but I believe the newer Beko's have daily quick washes which will do a full load unlike the quick wash on our Beko which only did half loads and was only 1 temperature.

Bunbaker Wed 11-Nov-15 22:48:33

"The repair man said most only last 4 years now."

That's depressing. We have been married for 34 years and have only had two washing machines. Our first one (a Zanussi) lasted over 20 years, and our current one (a Bosch) was in the house when we moved in 11 years ago and is still going strong. The Zanussi needed a new door catch, but never broke down, and our current one has never needed repairing either (touch wood).

rabbit123 Thu 12-Nov-15 08:40:06

Bunbaker, I think it depends on what you get. It's true that the quality of washers has gone down but so has the price. Also, the brands that used to be reliable aren't so much now since they've all been taken over by other companies.

We got a Miele washing machine. Cost a bit more to buy but we got 10 years full parts & labour warranty with it

Bunbaker Thu 12-Nov-15 08:42:09

It will also depend how much use it gets. There are only three of us and I don't use it every day.

willfuckformichilenstarfood Thu 12-Nov-15 08:57:26

I've just got the 9kg Hisense from AO for £220. I don't know how long it will last as only had it 2 months but the features are great and it washes so well.

It has a 2 year warranty and for £220 I don't really care if it lasts much longer. I live in a hard water area and most machines don't last past 3 years!

misscph1973 Thu 12-Nov-15 09:23:19

I have only heard bad stuff about Hotpoint.

Mine gets used twice a day, we both work from home, and we have 2 kids. I do't expect my cheap Beko to last more than 4 years. I have decided that I will only repair it once, then it's out. I live in a soft water area, so I am hoping that will make a difference.

Clutterbugsmum Thu 12-Nov-15 10:32:13


Me too. I had a Hotpoint washer dryer it was 7 years old. In that time it was rebuilt 3 times. To the point that refused to use it anymore the only bit that was original was the metal case. It even had 3 concrete blocks replaced.

I now have a Beko and it's so much better. It works, it quick.

rabbit123 Thu 12-Nov-15 15:48:56

Hotpoint used to be absolutely brilliant. I remember my granny's old Hotpoint from when I was little and she had that until she died in 2002. Must've been at least 25 years old. They got bought out by Indesit in the mid-2000's and everything went downhill after that

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