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Help me clean my ceramic high gloss floors.

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Mrsbattleaxe Wed 28-Oct-15 10:10:02

I was warned against having these high gloss cirmamic tiles as everyone said they would be a nightmare.
To be honest we have had this flooring down for 4 months and it's not been too bad and I just do touch ups occasionally.

The whole of the ground floor is done in these tiles and I really need to give the whole lot a good clean but my way is so time consuming.

I find just a tiny bit of water then buff with a micro cloth then buff with the micro mop.

What product would be best zafloora or washing up liquid?

Also does anyone know if a steam clearer would be a good long term solution? Can I use them on these tiles and do they require buffing afterwards?

I am really tempted to purchase one but I don't want to crack the tiles although they are pretty tough as I've dropped a couple of glass jars on them!

Please help me.

verystressedmum Tue 03-Nov-15 07:22:29

There's a thread a bit further down about how to clean black high gloss tiles. Yours aren't black but you could still get some tips. The thread isn't that far down. smile

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