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Scattymum101 Sat 24-Oct-15 00:19:11

We are hopefully moving soon and I really want to cut back on our clothing as wardrobe space will be tighter in the new place (currently have a walk in wardrobe).

How many of the following is reasonable.

Work dresses
Work trousers
Jeans/trousers casual
Casual dresses
Going out dresses
Casual tops
Going out tops

I'm also trying to cut back hubby's stuff. He has far more clothes than I do and we can barely squeeze them in now let alone with less wardrobe space!!
At the moment he has around
10 long sleeved t shirts
16 short sleeved t shirts
7 sports t shirts
15 going out shirts (he goes out maybe 4 times a year)
10 work shirts (that's fine)
8 pairs of shorts (we live in Scotland)
10 jumpers/pullovers
7 pairs of joggers
6 pairs of jeans.

Maybe I'm being too harsh but he's digging his heels in about downsizing. I've gotten rid of around 3/4 of my clothes since February but still think I could do more.


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