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lookingforsunshine Wed 21-Oct-15 13:54:49

Please talk to me about pillows! How often do you buy new ones? Pillow cases always seem to hang off pillows so that actual pillow is on show.
Pillows always end up looking really grubby. How often do you clean your pillows and how do you clean them? What sort do you have?

Please enlighten me!


NickNackNooToYou Wed 21-Oct-15 23:20:41

I buy new ones when the old ones look lumpy and awful, so probably not as often as I should. I never clean them but I do use pillow protectors which get a weekly ish wash. Pillow cleanliness is way down my to do list tbh wink

We use a mixture of bounce back and feather filled.

Boutonneux Thu 22-Oct-15 12:29:18

I tried washing my pillows once... huge error; they went horribly lumpy and mis-shapen. Now I just buy new ones when they need replacing. I always buy the best I can afford (usually in the sale!) and pillow protectors are the best way to help prolong their lives I've discovered.

I've just bought some lovely ones from Tesco; let me see if I can find the link...

Boutonneux Thu 22-Oct-15 12:36:09

I've not had them very long so can't comment on how well they last but they're lovely, I'm very pleased with them; it's like resting my head on a cloud!

Scattymum101 Thu 22-Oct-15 20:42:29

I washed all mine - they're all dead now :-(

wowfudge Fri 23-Oct-15 06:45:52

We have washable ones from M&S that don't become hideous and lumpy. They are great.

Scattymum101 Fri 23-Oct-15 09:18:42

Sounds good wow fudge. May need to get some of those.

wowfudge Fri 23-Oct-15 14:02:12

I think Dreams do something similar too.

Fluffy24 Fri 23-Oct-15 14:07:01

Feather pillows, bought years ago, but laundered (at a laundry - you can wash and tumble dry if machine big enough) at least annually, usually do them on rotation.

DH pillows get really grotty, he must be very slobbery, so his have protectors under the pillowcases which are washed every month or so too.

Pillowcases laundered weekly (top ones) or fortnightly for the bottom ones.

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