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Help! Keeping bathroom clean and dry

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toomuchinternets Sun 18-Oct-15 22:27:19

Hi clever housekeepers,

We've just moved into a new (rented) flat and the bathroom, although gorgeous, is becoming my nemesis very quickly. The entire thing is shiny white tiles- floor to ceiling. Looks very impressive, but, there's telltale black areas on some sealant and it shows up every single bit of dust/hair/fluff!

Also, despite having extractor on for every shower/bath and window flung open, it's sopping wet in there. And every time DC wash their hands the floor is soaking. It's like the shiny tiles mean there's nowhere for water to go, so i'm constantly on my knees mopping up water and it's drenched in there after a shower.

I think there may be a leak under the floor somewhere too as I can smell something constantly (OH can't!)- sort of pee like- no matter how hard I scrub!

Help me, please. Any tips for these fully tiled bathrooms? We've got a Karcher window cleaner thing which we can use after a shower on the screen and walls, but doesn't solve floor problem.


wowfudge Sun 18-Oct-15 23:02:23

Have you got a bathmat or perhaps even several of them? Is there a towel rail beside the sink and near the shower so that towels are close at hand?

Http Mon 19-Oct-15 08:54:21

I could have written this post! I have the same problem too! My tiles are dark brown, though.

I live just behind a very busy main road so it gets very dusty very quickly. Wetness and dust is a nightmare combo. I usually get down on my knees and use wipes to clean the floor but I can't do that everyday! I'm hoping a wise MNetter will inspire us. They haven't let me down so far!

I am tempted to put down lino, I am that fed up with it! smile

PigletJohn Mon 19-Oct-15 09:41:55

if you are using an extractor fan, shut the door and window. Otherwise it cannot create the correct airflow. It will suck in dry air from the rest of the house through the gap under the door. This will also prevent the bathroom getting so cold, and will prevent steam from diffusing through your home. Leave it running until the condensation has gone. The cost of electricity is negligible.

Many extractor fans are cheap rubbish weak and ineffective. A photo of yours might be useful.

toomuchinternets Mon 19-Oct-15 21:24:51

Ours looks old and a bit rubbish. Will attempt to put a photo up. Had a shower tonight with the window shut and extractor on for the first time but it was so steamy I couldn't stand it! So I guess the extractor is rubbish.

@Http i'd love to stick down lino- but rented flat. Grrr.

We have a bathmat (bought a few of them as need changing daily!) and a towel rail but annoyingly it's behind the door- there's no space for a towel closer, so when DC wash their hands then turn to get the towel it's splashed all over the floor.

PigletJohn Mon 19-Oct-15 22:07:14

Is there room for a towel ring?

BubsandMoo Wed 21-Oct-15 09:49:20

I used to have a chrome curved under sink shelving unit in a previous teensy bathroom, and used the top rail of it to drape the hand towel over it. It was a really useful way to utilise otherwise wasted space, really cheap from Argos too. Maybe that could work?

specialsubject Wed 21-Oct-15 10:55:05

contact the landlord to advise that the extractor is not working properly, and about a possible leak.

why are the kids getting water everywhere when they wash their hands? Crap sink design? Too short to reach? (buy a step). Teach them to shake their hands over the sink before getting the towel.

how long are your showers? The normal five mins should have the steam cleared fairly soon.

toomuchinternets Wed 21-Oct-15 21:14:34

Quick showers- it's bloody freezing in there! Good idea about teaching them to shake their hands over the sink. They get water everywhere because they have to turn around and walk over to get the towel.

Going to buy a curved sink unit thing, thanks bubsandMoo!

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