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Sofa bed from Willow&Hall or Furl (ex The Sofabed company) or alternative recommendations?

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Lily7050 Wed 14-Oct-15 23:14:21

I am looking for a compact 3-seater sofa bed.
Furl ( seems to have one compact model only (Play) which I found too firm and not very comfortable as sofa.
With any other model I will have to go with 2.5 seater.
Also sofas' covers are not removable.
However, Furl's bed mechanism looks more steady and durable.

Willow&Hall ( have at least 3 models of compact 3-seaters. W&H sofas felt comfortable to sit on. W&H sofa covers are removable.
However, as beds W&H felt less comfortable than Furl sofa beds even though both companies offer similar 14 cm pocket sprung mattresses.
Plus W&H bed mechanism looked more fragile than Furl.

I have read good feedback about Furl sofa beds in other topics on Mumsnet.
If anyone has got Willow&Hall sofa bed, please share your experience.

The sofa bed will probably be used mostly as sofa and occasionally as bed but I would like to have a comfortable bed.

Any alternative recommendations are welcomed.

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Brighteyes27 Sun 05-Feb-17 10:51:25


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