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Help needed! Advice on cleaning a very grotty oven D:

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Tattersail Tue 13-Oct-15 23:05:51

We just moved into a lovely new house which has an oven built in to the kitchen. It is FILTHY. The house is a private let so replacing it isn't an option, and honestly I don't think the previous tenant cleaned it the entire time he lived here. I've scrubbed at it for almost 2 hours tonight and only budged a small portion of the gunge caked inside it. Does anyone have any tips or advice they could give me to help clean it a bit quicker/easier?

Excitedforxmas Tue 13-Oct-15 23:06:48

Hire someone else!

DramaAlpaca Tue 13-Oct-15 23:12:42

I'd recommend Oven Pride. I got some recently & tbh I wasn't really expecting it to work as it was very cheap (got it in Aldi) but I now have a gleaming oven.

No scrubbing required, you just put the racks into a large plastic bag & pour in the solution & next day all the grime is gone. You can also do the insides of the oven with it, though I didn't with mine as it has self-cleaning liners.

I can now see through the glass door of mine for the first time in years ages.

Tattersail Tue 13-Oct-15 23:30:27

God I'd love to just hire someone else to do it (as I would with most grotty household jobs) but money is tight. Had a wee look at reviews for oven pride and I think I'll give it a go. Cheers for the recommendation. I hope it works

ceeveebee Tue 13-Oct-15 23:48:09

Yes I was coming on here to recommend oven pride too - amazing stuff!

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Wed 14-Oct-15 00:06:08

Yep oven pride... pour it in the bottom and swish it up the sides,.leave over night. ... repeat ... if necessary ... but unlikely.

echt Wed 14-Oct-15 06:33:55

The bags and swishy overnight stuff can be done with ammonia from your B&Q/hardware shop. You tube vids show you how. It's the fumes that do it, so not necessary to soak.

Very cheap indeed.

The sides of the oven may need a proprietary cleaner because of the stickiness needed.

You will still need an scrubby thing to pry at shite in the corners.

wowfudge Wed 14-Oct-15 12:05:40

Oven Pride is great stuff. If the oven has a grill pan and any manky roasting trays (the sort that slide into the racks on either side) it is brilliant for them too.

I use it at home and also used it to clean the didgustingly dirty oven left by the tenant in a house we rented out. Not being funny, but your landlord should have made sure the place was properly clean before you moved in. Do you have a proper inventory?

penguinsarecool Wed 14-Oct-15 12:09:07

Another vote for Oven Pride. It worked a miracles for the disgusting oven when we moved into our flat. Its very toxic stuff though so be careful, or better get the other half to do it for you lol

43percentburnt Sun 18-Oct-15 07:53:11

The metal racks and side supports will clean up easily, remove, fill bathtub/very large container with hot water and bold wash powder. Soak for 40 mins and the black will wipe off.

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