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washing machine - water remains in drawer and drum

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DillieDoily Thu 08-Oct-15 16:58:34

Hoping someone can help. We have a Bosch washing machine that is quite old now and for the past month the fabric conditioner compartment in the drawer remains full of (clean) water after the washing has finished, and sometimes there is about 1cm of water in the drum. When I open the drawer the water then drains into the drum. Apart from that it seems to be working as usual, and the other compartments in the drawer are empty.

Any ideas?

I used Dettol washing machine cleaner and cleaned out the drawer about a month ago (after reading that thread on here!)

NattyGolfJerkin Thu 08-Oct-15 17:02:26

Have you cleaned the filter out recently? (The little door on the front where all the fluff, coins, tissues, bits of Lego and whatnot gather and kill your machine))

DillieDoily Thu 08-Oct-15 17:09:53

Ah no I didn't even think of that (and have never done it before! Is it the sort of thing you should do regularly?)

Now just need to work out how to get into it as it is built in so the kick plate thingy is in front of it


NattyGolfJerkin Thu 08-Oct-15 17:13:32

Yes, ideally you should do it a few times a year at least. Make sure you put towels/a bowl down as it's a wet, messy job!

PigletJohn Thu 08-Oct-15 18:12:11

the fabsoft vessel is probably clogged with old congealed fabsoft. Take the drawer out (you will see a small thumb-sized indentation that you press) and scrub it out in the sink. You will find the fabsoft vessel lid lifts up. When reassembling put the big tube round the little tube.

While the drawer is out, spray its aperture with kitchen spray and scrub with an old toothbrush. Especially the ceiling of the aperture.

If you have lost the instruction book you can probably download it from the Bosch website. The model name is probably on the drawer front but may wash away if you put it in the dishwasher.

LeftMyRidingCropInTheMortuary Sat 17-Oct-15 15:44:46

Clean the top of the slot that you took the drawer out of. (you need to get in an awkward position to do this). Will probably be black and poss mouldy.

HSMMaCM Sat 17-Oct-15 15:47:24

I second the cleaning out the filter. Last time I did mine it had hair grips and all sorts in it, stopping the water from draining. Also the drawer and surround cleaning is a good one to do every couple of months.

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