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How do you organise your kitchen?

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MrsJackAubrey Sun 13-Sep-15 17:45:10

I'm fed up with having a badly organised chaotic (and therefore permanently messy) kitchen.

Where do you keep your pans? in a drawer?? Do you use pan-lid separators?

Where do you keep your herbs and spices? Mine take up two drawers' full in jars etc and we have at the last count 6 boxes of basil and 4 of mixed herbs ffs

What about potatoes and onions - in a drawer?

Are those Argos-y wire drawer trolleys as crap as I imagine? What's the score under your sink? Where do you keep your dishwasher tablets?

Shoes? when not ON the kitchen floor where do they go?

I could go on, but I am desparate for any top tips as there is nothing I can do DP will allow me to do! to change the layout, but there must be some easy improvements I can make when he isn't looking.

NoonAim Sun 13-Sep-15 18:21:03

Shoes are in a box in a cupboard under worktop by the back door. This cupboard also houses the toolbox, pegs, bird food etc. In the drawer above I keep instruction manuals, elastic bands, string cooker bulbs and other assorted bits and pieces.

Cupboard under sink is where all cleaning sprays and bin bags are kept. Dishwasher tabs live by the bin and the car shampoo in the next cupboard along.

Pans are in a drawer with lids beside them, herbs in a wall cupboard and I use frozen potatoes and onions smile

Scobberlotcher Sun 13-Sep-15 18:32:35

You will be so bored reading this grin

Shoes go under the stairs in a shoe compartment boxes thing.

Kitchen - under the sink top shelf - cleaning stuff
under the sink bottom shelf - pans
cupboard to right of cooker - plastics - tupperware, colander, mixing bowl etc
cupboard to left of cooker - top shelf cereals (in tubs ) bottom shelf pasta, rice and couscous (in tubs too) plus cat biscuits (in tub)

Then we have on one wall two (double) wall mounted cabinets, right side tins, (incl cat food) left side jars and tubs, gravies, sauces, etc
Bottom are 4 drawers, top drawer cutlery, other drawers are arranged with tubs in so that each tub has a different type of item, eg one has cookie/pastry cutters, one has batteries, one's got egg cups, etc. cling film, foil etc slip between tubs and edge of drawer. Oven gloves rest on top of tubs.

Worktop below that has the espresso machine, the steamer and large spice rack (holds 24 bottles)
Bottom cupboard top shelf has kids packed lunch stuff and a tub with assorted baking things eg baking powder, vanilla pods, etc. Bottom shelf has flours and stuff plus a tub with overspill herbs that there isn't room on the rack for.

Other side has 2 (double) wall mounted cupboards. left top - posh cups and saucers, soup mugs, toast rack, bottom has bowls and plates right top has fruit teas, hot chocolate, sweetener, coffee whitener, etc, bottom has mugs and glasses.

On the worktop below that is the microwave, slow cooker, toaster, tea caddy, kettle and coffee pot

Fire blanket is wall mounted to side of cooker.

Fresh herbs live in pots on the windowsill.

KondoAttitude Sun 13-Sep-15 19:14:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RedMapleLeaf Sun 13-Sep-15 19:50:43

Pans are in a drawer with their respective lids on. Herbs and spices are in a slim cupboard with similar ingredients such as oils and vinegars. The main ones are hung up on the wall though (IKEA spice rack). Root veg are in a drawer in the same cupboard actually.

I don't have Argos wire drawer trolleys, but I have IKEA ones and love them. Under the sink are the bins. Dishwasher tablets are in the cupboard full of cleaning stuff.

Shoes do not live in the kitchen.

I have three things out on the side - chopping board, microwave and hand wash.

RedMapleLeaf Sun 13-Sep-15 19:51:36

I agree that ruthless is the way to go. Saying that I have two deep drawers full of baking dishes and a deep fat fryer that don't get used.

TheOddity Sun 13-Sep-15 23:03:08

Ok, you asked for it grin. I have a tiny but organised kitchen.
I third or fourth ruthless. Start with your worktops. I have nothing on mine which means two seconds to clean. I do this by having a stove kettle and grill instead of toaster. Maybe too extreme for most people I really can't be arsed moving things to wipe but you get my drift.
Bread makers, chip pans, toastie makers, etc etc all need to GO if you don't use them weekly, you won't miss them.
Pans in a cupboard stacked into each other, the lids on their sides in a cheap ikea slim box all together. Takes one second to find the right lid.
One small box containing herbs and spices in a cupboard, the ones I use a lot like basil and Rosemary, I keep live plants which look prettier and taste nicer.
Potatoes and onions I buy loose in small quantities and keep in the veg drawer in fridge.
Cleaning products mainly in a cupboard with tea towels and cloths, over the place I keep my broom and mop. Washing up liquid and sponge I keep under the sink on a tray (literally nothing is left out!) I also keep olive oil, vinegar and the open bottle of wine there for ease of access!
Shoes - not in kitchen. But a shoe rack for hall?

Pobspits Sun 13-Sep-15 23:19:15

I will come back tomorrow for tips with advice

Zippidydoodah Mon 14-Sep-15 10:03:41

I've decided to try and clear all the clutter off my work surfaces but have half-kondoed my kitchen already and it's still in ok shape. Spices and herbs in plastic boxes in a wall cupboard, for example, so I can easily remove the box go find what I need. Tupperware is now stored with lids on, thanks to a thread on here actually! Pans also stacked with lids on upside down. I'm sure there is tons more stufg I could get rid of (thinking of self catering accommodation on holiday which has everything you actually need, but none of the clutter you don't!)

BlueCowWonders Tue 15-Sep-15 17:02:01

I put 3M hooks on the inside of the pan cupboard. I can then stack the pans to take up less room, and I realised that I hardly ever use the lids!
I used to keep all cleaning stuff in a wall cupboard when the DC were small, and all their plastic cups/ dishes in a giant Tupperware under the sink so they could get it themselves

orlakielyimnot Wed 16-Sep-15 13:19:26

Things need to be near where you need them to be, utensils near the stove, dishwasher near the sink, cutting board near the surface where you cut, cups stored near the kettle, which is near the tea bags, etc. Don't keep stuff you don't use - OR - put the stuff you don't use into one cupboard, pack it tight, tape it closed and dispose of the contents next year. Very little goes on the counter tops (we have a spice drawer) so that the space is clean and available whenever you need it.

Fwiw, we have garden shoes and they do live in the kitchen, but by the back door - they also serve as door jams when we want to keep the door open! HOWever it is not a show dumping ground. We have 3 pairs of garden shoes, no more. Don't keep junk!

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