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Tell me how to keep my new washing machine nice

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jaspercat2002 Tue 08-Sep-15 22:18:25

My skanky old washing machine has finally broken completely and a sparkly new one is arriving tomorrow. Can anyone tell me how they keep their machines nice - how often do you do a maintenance wash and with what? Best way to stop the detergent drawer getting caked up? Is there a good way to stop the door seal getting grubby?

I want to take advantage of my clean slate!

rabbit123 Wed 09-Sep-15 21:02:51

Use bio or non bio powders (not liquids or liquitabs), keep up the door open between loads, avoid quick washes and do regular hot washes (60 degrees or above) for sheets and towels.

I've had my washer for 7 years and never once had to do a "maintenance wash". I wipe the seal and door glass down occasionally and put the detergent drawer through the dishwasher but that's it.

PolterGoose Thu 10-Sep-15 09:40:09

Powder straight in the drum and use less than the recommended dose.

Don't use quick washes for full loads. Check manual for max loads for different settings.

Wash like with like.

Don't overload the machine, you should be able to put your hand in and be able to squish and move what's in there.

Leave the door and dispenser drawer ajar on between washes.

If you use fabric softener don't use too much.

jaspercat2002 Thu 10-Sep-15 14:07:07

Thank you both. I didn't know that about quick washes - I do use them a lot for refreshing clothes that aren't too dirty so will try and avoid in future.

PolterGoose - do you put normal powder straight in the drum then? On top of the clothes?

rabbit123 Thu 10-Sep-15 14:14:45

Quick washes are fine for a freshen up, but don't use them exclusively. If you do a quick wash for a few items, make sure your next load is a full load, preferably a hot wash. This will clean out anything left by the quick wash at the same time.

If you dose powder straight into the drum, put it in before the clothes. That way, the powder will dissolve as the drum fills up so you won't get powder marks on anything.

Personally, I still dose powder into the drawer. It keeps the fill tube between the drawer and drum free from mould.

specialsubject Thu 10-Sep-15 20:22:28

quick washes are really wasteful too - the item either needs a proper wash or it doesn't!

use about half the recommended quantity of detergent, and fabric conditioner is completely unnecessary.

liquid does seem to gunge up the seal, but I'm on a septic tank so powder is a bad idea. It's the tank or the machine, and the machine is less essential!

PolterGoose Thu 10-Sep-15 20:31:41

I just put the powder under the washing in the drum, I don't put it in first because I often don't work out the load size until I've finished loading, so I adjust powder amount depending on how full the machine is.

AmIbeingTreasonable Thu 10-Sep-15 20:52:27

Replace the fabric softener with white vinegar.

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