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Can you recommend your kitchen knives to me?

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JimbosJetSet Mon 07-Sep-15 17:10:05

I'm looking to buy some kitchen knives - I haven't been impressed with the ones I'm replacing (although I did buy them some years ago!) Do you have any kitchen knife brands to recommend to me? Thanks!

PolterGoose Mon 07-Sep-15 19:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wonkylegs Mon 07-Sep-15 19:21:07

I have some fab expensive knives - a mix of Wusthof and Global ones. Recommended by my chef brother. They are expensive but are fab.
He recommended the Global ones for me as they are lighter and better for small hands. The Wustof ones are for DH as he has huge hands and are better suited for him. Although we both occasionally use both, depending on the task.
As a bit of a skinflint I flinched at the cost but I must say I haven't regretted the purchase, we've had them about 6 yrs now and they are still fab.

JimbosJetSet Mon 07-Sep-15 20:11:19

Ok thank you. Are there shops that let you try out (or at least hold) kitchen knives to let you get the feel for them? I can't imagine it! Or do I need to go to the houses of all my friends and family in search of the perfect knife for me?

PigletJohn Mon 07-Sep-15 20:26:19

decide what you like the look of. I like French Cooks knives. Some like other styles. Japanese traditional knives are made and used a different way.

They are cheaper in sets but you will probably one use about three of your favourites, such as a Paring, a Medium Chefs, and a Carving (I also use a boning knife)

My knives are quite heavy and I dislike thin knives.

Look at the blade shape. On French Cook's knives (Sabatier style, it is not a brand made by a single company) the blade should be forged and will taper in thickness from the back to the cutting edge, and from the handle to the tip (except salmon and ham knives which are flat).

A lot of stainless steel is made in the far east and is poor quality, it will pit and even rust slightly, especially if left wet in a dishwasher. Some German knives are made of a better steel but cost ten or twenty times as much.

You will need a sharpening steel at least.

You must keep them on a magnetic rack or in a block, never in a drawer where they will touch and damage each other's edges.

JimbosJetSet Mon 07-Sep-15 21:27:25

Thank you - much appreciated.

Cherryblossomsinspring Wed 09-Sep-15 23:23:40

Wusthof and global here.

Yarpyarp Wed 09-Sep-15 23:31:23

Global. Saw them on offer in Costco recently. I think it was a set of 5 and a block for under 300. They are amazingsmile

shiteforbrains Wed 09-Sep-15 23:33:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bananajam Fri 11-Sep-15 21:20:10

Global here too. We have a magnetic strip rack on the wall for them. Definitely worth the cost.

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