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washing machine advice

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patchworkchick Fri 04-Sep-15 18:54:04

my washer dryer has broken down, looking for something reliable and not insainly expensive - has to be intergrated. Any one had experience of the De Dietrich DLZ693BU or Smeg WDI147? Is Miele really worth it?

lasermum Fri 04-Sep-15 18:59:09

I think Miele is worth it for washing machines. They are very well built, reliable, quiet and wash the clothes well. I am on my second Miele ( my first lasted 17 years which included the time when my dcs were babies).

Had to use a Hoover in a temporary house recently and it was awful in comparison.

PS I don't work for Miele!

rabbit123 Fri 04-Sep-15 20:06:01

my brother has an Integrated Zanussi washer dryer. Seems to be fairly good by washer dryer standards.

patchworkchick Fri 04-Sep-15 21:44:44

thanks for that, off to JL to order tomorrow.

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