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Gtech Airram smells - what can I do?

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doistayordoigo Thu 03-Sep-15 10:48:52

We bought a Gtech AirRam a month ago, and I've noticed that every time I use it there is an overpowering doggy smell that fills the air as soon as I start it up. We have a black labrador who sheds a ot, so obviously the AirRam is picking up a lot of smelly hair and this is obviously where the smell is coming from.

But how can I get rid of it? I already empty the tray after every use, so it's not as if the dog hair is sitting around in there between uses. If it had a bag I'd put something to counteract the smell in the bag but not sure that will work with a tray? Does anyone have any ideas?

Madbengalmum Thu 03-Sep-15 13:12:45

Had the same problem with my dog, you need to wash out the filters, it comes apart and wash the pads with soap and water and squeeze them out a few times whilst washing, they do take a while to dry if your radiators arent on, may need a day or so, then put it back together and no smell.
However, this will return after a few uses im afraid.

Madbengalmum Thu 03-Sep-15 13:15:36

Same problem with fluffy dog and gtech.
You need to wash put the filter pads with soapy water. Do this really well and dry out on a radiator or boiler, will need a day to dry though.
Then reassemble, there will be no smell.
You will have to do this every month or so as smell returns!

Madbengalmum Thu 03-Sep-15 13:16:05

Sorry, didnt think the first reply had worked!l

doistayordoigo Thu 03-Sep-15 16:12:05

Thanks, I'll try that. Do you think it would make a difference if, once the filters are dry, you sprayed them with a room spray or something, before putting them back in?

Madbengalmum Thu 03-Sep-15 19:20:54

No, tried that just wash them monthly

PigletJohn Fri 04-Sep-15 00:47:09

get a spare set of filters, then you can wash and dry one set, swap them back when you empty the cleaner.

I don't know your one, but it is useful to sponge out the inner casing to remove scurf, dander and dust. A sponge with WUL will do. Occasionally, prop it on the drainer, with the motor uppermost, and use a small paintbrush with WUL to clean out all the crevices and plastic mouldings. You can also immerse the head and hose, in the sink, and swish them about.

A cleaner with a bag, such as Miele, is I think easier to keep clean.

DuchessFanny Sat 05-Sep-15 11:52:51

Mine was so bad, even after washing that i had to buy new filters. Got them from amazon.

FinnMcCool Sat 05-Sep-15 11:56:47

I agree it's the filters. I've had the same problem.

Doromoro Wed 10-May-17 10:07:36

Concerning the doggy smell in g tech air ram. I got in touch with g tech and they have smelliest to fit inside for £9-95. Haven't sent for mine yet, so can't tell you if they work.

flipnflop Sun 10-Sep-17 11:12:04

I had the same problem, I'd bought a second-hand AirRam off eBay, not knowing its previous owner had a dog, and each time I used it the smell was horrible.

I gave the filters a thorough wash in hot soapy water, then left them for 3 days to dry. Gtech advise to leave at least 24 hours but the longer the better - if they are not completely dry, even the slightest dampness will produce an unpleasant smell. If possible let them dry naturally - don't put them on a radiator, as the outside might be dry but the inside might not be.

I cleaned the tray in hot soapy water, and the rest of the plastic with cleaning wipes.

Rather than buy the expensive own-brand Gtech fresheners, I bought cheap ones off Amazon (called The Vac Disc Vac Fresheners). They are circular discs that sit on top of the filter pads. I cut one disc in two, half a disc on the top each filter, and it has worked well for me. Horrible doggy smell has gone.

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