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Have held Hoover

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littlebearsmummy Tue 01-Sep-15 12:50:00

In my youth known as a dust buster (perhaps still is!). Any recommendations? I'm fed up of lugging the big Hoover out when the kids have a spill or the sofa needs a quick tidy up. Thanks

jaspercat2002 Tue 01-Sep-15 15:37:34

I've got a cordless hoover that can also be used as a handheld - I think it's this one:

but there are loads about. Very handy for quick cleans (and the stairs). Might be more than you were thinking of though?

rabbit123 Tue 01-Sep-15 17:34:01

I don't know much above hand held vacs - we've never had one. But I spotted this the other day looking for supplies for our carpet washer and it seems a good buy? Half price and it has a decent voltage, unlike some of the cheaper ones which barely have any sucking power.

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