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Cleaning greasy wooden floors.

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EarSlaps Fri 28-Aug-15 21:51:56

We've just moved into a house with wooden floor throughout (other than kitchen and bathrooms). The house has needed rather a lot of cleaning to say the least. The wood is modern boards, not waxed but a coating on them (acrylic varnish?).

All the floors downstairs near the kitchen are a bit sticky and greasy, like a fair bit of grime build up over the years. I've managed to sort out the kitchen floor (steaming and scrubbing black grouting and mopping with ammonia in hot soapy water), but the wooden floors nearby still feel a bit sticky.

I've been cleaning it with a spray and microfibre mop, with diluted Astonish wood floor cleaner in the spray. It cleans really well elsewhere in the house but doesn't seem enough for the really greasy area.

Is there something I can use as a one off to strip off the grease without ruining the floor?

wowfudge Fri 28-Aug-15 22:10:56

Sugar soap - brilliant on grease and not damaging to the material you are cleaning. I use it to clean kitchen units, tiles, etc and used it to clean a grimy wall when we moved into our house - painted lining paper. Worked brilliantly and the wall looked freshly painted.

EarSlaps Fri 28-Aug-15 22:17:02

Fabulous, I think I've got a spray of it somewhere I got for decorating. I might dilute it and mop round then.

We've got lots of greasy cupboards and walls I think I need it on too.

Then I need to work out how to clean the extractor fan filters, a hot dishwasher just isn't doing it grin.

I really didn't think I had high standards but this house was a whole new level of grimy.

EarSlaps Fri 28-Aug-15 22:17:32

And thank you flowers.

wowfudge Sat 29-Aug-15 08:42:58

Don't dilute it! You might need to do things the old fashioned way and scrub it then mop to rinse it off.

wowfudge Sat 29-Aug-15 08:44:44

Extractor fan filters: large plastic container (under bed storage ones are good) with warm water and bio washing powder. Soak overnight, rinse and put through dishwasher again.

EarSlaps Sat 29-Aug-15 09:58:05

Thank you!
Oh well, another couple of nights on my hands and knees scrubbing might be annoying but it will be worth it in the long run.

We've got some plastic containers so I'll get soaking the filters. I love washing powder- I always use it to soak pots and pans.

EarSlaps Fri 04-Sep-15 21:27:05

Finally got round to mopping with sugar soap, then a rinse, now my floors have a nice sheen.

Filters got a thorough soak and scrub and look much better.

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