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UFUH - back on it, might have a organised house by Christmas. ...

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comeagainforbigfudge Fri 28-Aug-15 11:50:12

Well after several months shirking anything more than general tidying (due to having a baby) I'm going to revive this method. Hopefully it will keep me motivated. But I'm adapting it to suit my needs.

I have MS and post baby had a relapse which I'm still recovering from. But I'm pigging fed up feeling sorry for myself, looking at the mess.

So each day:
Kitchen surfaces cleaned
Living room decluttered before bed (move all baby stuff into one area once she in bed)
Pick one room/chore a day to unfuck. Starting with one 10min session and building on this as health improves.

So far today I've organised and put on wash. One in tumble drier and another one just in.

Bleach flung round toilet rim. Just need to go back and clean sink/toilet.

Anyone care to join me?

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 28-Aug-15 11:51:11

Kryten2X4B523P Fri 28-Aug-15 17:04:03

Fuck it, I'll join you!

I've been trying to do bits of unfucking for months but I need to get in the habit of doing regular bits.

Daily things:
1 load of washing a day, washed and put away - and no more (otherwise it gets abandoned)
Wash up in the evening
Spending 5/10 minutes in an evening putting stuff away
10/20 minute decluttering session

Christmas is a good goal!

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 28-Aug-15 19:04:26

Oh goody grin was thinking it be just me

But now I have red dwarf in my head must not start watching, must not start watching

comeagainforbigfudge Sat 29-Aug-15 10:09:19

Hoovering done
Kitchen done
Laundry - still to sort and put away dry stuff
Need to find address book

Going to spend day writing thank you cards. Slowly. But it will be done.

mrsmeerkat Sat 29-Aug-15 10:15:08

I have been doing a bit of this lately now that baby is 8 months.

I sent all photos to be printed and framed a lot - I had wedding frames for five years unopened blush

I have two under two and work full time but I am determined!!!

Yesterday I decluttered and deep cleaned the toddlers room and shifted furniture to make way for baby to move it grin got the groceries in and cleaned the fridge

One huge bag of stuff for the bin - huge (this was at 2am when I couldn't sleep last night

Today - I am going to clean the office room/study
Put away ironing
Wash bathroom floor

Things are getting better!

Kryten2X4B523P Sat 29-Aug-15 11:07:50


I'm being very lazy this morning, so going to use this thread to motivate me.

I've chucked a cleaning thing down the toilet, will go and clean that properly later. Going to get my load of washing out of the dryer and hang it out now and then I'm going to finish last night's washing up.

RaspberryBlonde Sun 30-Aug-15 15:21:52

<waves at fudge> I was just wondering what had happened with our UFYH thread! Have not been around for ages as was having issues with password reset. Sorry to hear you've not been well flowers

House not too bad here but need to get back in the habit of doing a little bit each night so we don't need cleaning marathons at the weekend and I can actually talking some bigger jobs like proper cleaning of insides of kitchen cupboards.

comeagainforbigfudge Mon 31-Aug-15 09:10:13

waves right back at raspberry Thanks raspberry. Yeh that whole password reset was a nightmare. angry

mrsmeerkat that sounded very productive

I had a lazy day yesterday, mainly to conserve energy for a kids birthday party yesterday afternoon.

Today is all about:
10/20 living room

AWONI Thu 03-Sep-15 19:26:39

Thanks bigfudge I fucking need this. Love the website, just need to fucking do something with my shit-tip house. I've kind of unfucked the kids school uniforms today. They're not back till next week so there's more time for unfucking tomorrow.

AdoraBell Fri 04-Sep-15 10:06:16

I'm in.

Sorry to hear you had a relapse fudge and I hope your health improves PDQ.

We've moved so mucho unfucking has taken place. It was minging. Laying of wood laminate floors and carpets, carpets were laid by bods as DH doesn't do carpet, painting of entire house, general organizing of stuff. ILs turned up to hinder help with unpacking so I have no fucking idea what is stashed in the garage and shed that was good. DDs started school yesterday and today I am relaxing for a while. Did a top-to-bottom clean yesterday.

Today's unfucking list is;

Complete and print forms for travel
Sort fridge for delivery later
Fold/iron clothes currently drying in the lounge - no space for a dryer
Plan meals for next week
Communicate with husband, he's back in Forrinland for work.
Chase school uniform that I've been waiting for since early Augustangry

RaspberryBlonde Sat 05-Sep-15 12:47:03

Hi all.

Weekend list so far:
- laundry sorted and one load done, currently anxiously watching for rain. Did I blink and miss summer?
- kitchen mainly tidy, will finish when we've all had lunch
- bathroom half cleaned (DD woke up before I finished)

Still to do:
- finish bathroom
- get dinner out of freezer
- yet another purge of DD's outgrown clothes.

Glad your move went well Adora, sounds like a job and a half! My ILs turned up within 2 hours of us moving into our current house with every last item of DH's that was still at their house. It is all still in the garage.

comeagainforbigfudge Sat 05-Sep-15 14:08:42

Afternoon, thanks adora I'm getting there. Just need need to keep doing a little bit every day and hope that that little bit gets bigger. Glad your move went well grin

So far today I have passively aggressively got dp to wash the dishes by stomping about tiny kitchen so that he notices and says he'll do it. His turn anyway
Put a wash
Had a nap
Hung out wash

Now trying to figure out why baby crying now! sad

AWONI Sat 05-Sep-15 17:48:32

Hi all, fudge hope the baby's stopped crying!

Have done gentle unfucking - hoovered a bit in the living room, cleaned the disgusting bathroom, sorted the kids uniforms/shoes/PE kits/packed lunch gear for school next week. I think the major unfucking will happen when they're back and I get a bit of time. My plan is a kind of Kondo ish thing where I get rid of all the crap that we don't need so that life is smoother and I don't spend my life climbing over toys and trying to find things I've lost. I've read the Kondo book and tried the sock thing but I'm a busy woman to be thanking stuff every day... I've tried flylady but can't stick to routines to save my life. I like the shouty sweary (but actually really compassionate) attitude of UFYH. Fingers crossed this actually works!

Kryten2X4B523P Mon 07-Sep-15 10:06:33

Oops, this dropped off my TIO - but in my defence I had our letting agent inspection last week so I had to hide everything in the oven get ready for that.

School is back, DS fell asleep on the way home from school and I'm now having a brew because I've been on it this morning and I don't want to burn out.

So today's unfuck list:

Swapped the washing over
Toilets clean
Hoover living room
Put some clothes away
Find DD's lost PE pump blush
20 minute unfuck in the kitchen
Make lunch
Wash up
20 minute living room unfuck
Cook tea/evening clean up

AWONI My own personal 'method' is probably a mix of flylady, kondo and UFYH. One flylady habit I do tend to keep is the swish and swipe, but I'm not really a sink shiner grin She's right when she talks about burning out though, if I do too much unfucking in one go I get CBA-itis for days afterwards. Little and often is the key IMO. I used to follow UFYH on twitter but it's American and the times of tweets didn't work out too well over this side of the Atlantic.

Brew finished, see you all back here later ok?!

LetThereBeCupcakes Tue 08-Sep-15 08:14:22

Well aren't you lot a sight for sore eyes! I hope you aren't going to abandon me again. I was left on the old thread muttering to myself about ironing like a mad woman!

Adora welcome back to the UK! Hope the move went smoothly and you're all settled in to your new home.

House is not too bad at the moment, considering DS has now dropped his nap so I get NO free time during the day. Yesterday we even managed to do a bit of baking.

Kryten I once hid all of my washing up in the oven when some estate agents were coming over to take pictures to put my flat on the market. They were looking around, looked at the oven and said "Ooh, is this fan assisted?" and opened the door. The horror. Nobody said anything. They just stared for a few seconds, closed the door and carried on like nothing had happened.

Plan for today:
Online banking (pay nursery & clubs)
20/10 kitchen
20/10 DS' room

And I think I might do a mini-challenge. If I can find one to take my fancy.

comeagainforbigfudge Tue 08-Sep-15 10:02:38

Morning (^waves to cupcakes^)

Went off the boil past few days. Mainly because had a very grumpy baby. So been entertaining her/taking her out in pram to get her to give me peace from crying sleep.

Today though so far she been in a good mood and this has allowed me to

- clean kitchen (cos dp didn't do it last night even though I could swear he said he would)
- sweep and hoover kitchen/living room/hall/bathroom
-picked up all crap clothes from bedroom floor
- put wash on

Still need to
- sort and put away clean baby clothes
- unfuck the corner of hell in living room and the dinner table.

I have no specific way of organising myself but I do like the ufyh way of short blasts that can tailor to how well I am feeling. Never read kondo. I might go peruse the threads to get a rough idea of what it involves.

AdoraBell Tue 08-Sep-15 10:25:59

Hope baby stays in her good mood fudge

Thanks cupcakes and sorry about the last thread cake

Yesterday all I managed to unfuck was shopping. I walked, 10kmshock and ended up going round in circles due to forgetting thingshmm and some things I couldn't get in the local shops.

Today's list

Chivvy DDs out with packed lunch - unfucked
Nice loooooong hot bubble bath - unfucked grin
Dogs- unfucked
Breakfast - unfucked

Still to do

Put dishwasher on
Put washing machine on
Sort uniform items for return
Cook and freeze for packed lunches, veg to go in pasta salad type things
Prep dinner
Go back into town with DD2. They are really enjoying living close enough to get out without needing a car. I am too but need to get a UK license. Long term unfucking list for that one. Along with finding a Pilates class.

I haven't look into this Kondo thing yet but I might sneak a peek at the threads.

I've stuffed potatoes in the oven for a viewing, the bag split and they spilled everywhere so I just chucked them in there and draped a tea towel in the hope that they wouldn't want to look inside the oven.

Kryten2X4B523P Tue 08-Sep-15 13:11:51

Glad I'm not the only one to hide things in the oven grin

Tuesdays are often a lazy day, as I help run a toddler group on a Tuesday morning and I'm always knackered by the afternoon.

So it's fag and brew time while the toddler sleeps (I nearly wrote baby then, but he's almost 18 months old now [sob]) then I'm going to swap my washing over, and maybe put another load in, 20/10 the kitchen and 20/10 the living room.

My longer term unfucking involves generally getting rid of shit. The toddler is still in our room, we're buying bunk beds next month to put him in with his sister and then I can get rid of the cot and start putting the bedroom back together. My problem is that I like cleaning, but hate tidying up.

Kryten2X4B523P Tue 08-Sep-15 13:12:55

Oh, and that there's not enough places to tidy things away to. I need more storage and less stuff.

AWONI Thu 10-Sep-15 10:33:03

Major unfucking needed in this house today. Don't know where to start... Everywhere is a tip and I get overwhelmed with the tidying it all up/chucking stuff away. I think that's why I like flylady - it makes me feel virtuous to fill up a bag and get rid of it all. Maybe I'll start with a 27 thing Unfuck and see how I get on!

LetThereBeCupcakes Mon 14-Sep-15 07:39:08

AWONI I like Flylady too - I even have a Control Journal. I just find it hard to keep up with since I work and it seems very much aimed at SAHMs.

Kryten If you had less stuff you wouldn't need more storage. wink

Got my Mum coming over today so probably won't get much done as will be too busy discussing important things like Bake Off and Strictly. But as a minimum....

September Meal Plans
Sort pile of paperwork making my kitchen look untidy. This is the only thing making my kitchen look untidy. Oh yes. lies

feeling quite chuffed with myself as MIL gave us an old chest of drawers she didn't need, but I couldn't think of a use for. Was just about to Freecycle it when I had a brainwave and swapped it with our old falling apart shoe cupboard. It takes up less space but holds more shoes and looks a lot better. Plus, the two half drawers at the top are now specifically for "stuff we need to remember to take to work". No more loose drill bits in the kitchen. Hurrah!

DeathMetalMum Mon 14-Sep-15 08:06:26

Can I join? Dd1 started reception last week so I am hoping I have a bit more time for unfucking with the absence of the nursery run at lunch time, only time will tell!

Cupcakes that chest of drawers sounds great, we have just got a new shoe rack I'm hoping it lasts longer that the previous one!

Daily minimum tasks here are,
Clean and tidy of the kitchen after dinner
Tidy of living room
Take out recycling to relevant bins
Thankfully dp is on board with all of this whoever doesn't put dc to bed does the above (though his living room tidying isn't always brilliant but it passes).

Today my extras are,
Finish off shopping list
Grocery shopping
Sort through dd2's winter clothes and see where the gaps are as mostly hand-me-downs from dd1.
Hoover as many rooms as I can find time to do.

I keep debating weather to swap all the summer hats with winter hats and scarves in the basket. Weather keeps changing it's mind!

blibblobblub Mon 14-Sep-15 08:18:40

Hello, can I join you? I've also gone awol post-baby (though tbh I was never really on top of things pre-baby wink). We went on holiday for a week recently and coming back was like looking at the house with fresh eyes, it looks like the fucking apocalypse has hit.

We're embarking on a plan to move bedrooms etc around upstairs to try and make that space more efficient but it still leaves the kitchen and living room to deal with. The kitchen is by far the biggest issue, it's the largest room in the house and just becomes a mega dumping ground for coats/shoes/post/packaging/carrier bags etc.

I feel like now DD is a bit bigger I can probably utilise her nap times better rather than just sitting on my arse.

Today so far the washing machine is on for a nappy wash, and I've done some washing up.

This afternoon I aim to do some food shopping (and put it all away, and not leave any on the floor like last time!).

DD's cot (which she is not yet sleeping in) is full of clean baby clothes and stuff so need to sort that out too.

LetThereBeCupcakes Mon 14-Sep-15 09:36:13

Welcome! Always space here for new members.

Death I'm dead chuffed with it! It's only an Ikea one but it doesn't look too bedroomey if you see what I mean, and the drawers are big enough to fit walking boots in. How is your DD enjoying school?

blib how old is your DD? DS is 2.7 and just started to drop his nap. There goes my housework time!

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