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Best way of cleaning wooden chopping boards?

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Hairballs Sun 23-Aug-15 19:15:21

I have a lovely wooden chopping board. Only used for fruit / veg / bread / other inoffensive stuff. I usually give it a scrub with hot soapy water and leave to dry. Is this enough or are there other more thorough or more clever ways of cleaning wooden boards?

gaggiagirl Sun 23-Aug-15 19:17:24

A light sanding! Saw a butcher doing it on his block many moons ago. I don't know how effective it is though.

Scoobydoo8 Sun 23-Aug-15 19:25:40

I heard a prog on the radio years ago where they said that wooden chopping boards were much more hygienic than plastic. For some reason not explained (or possibly not known) the bacteria did not survive on wooden boards.
Here's a link which might show the same conclusion

Hairballs Sun 23-Aug-15 19:47:55

Sanding? I can imagine gradually sanding/eroding it until I have the skinniest chopping board ever grin

Interesting about the bacteria...My wooden board is part of my wider family of chopping boards which include the multi-coloured ones for meat, veg, hot and fish. They get the life anti-bac'd out of them.

wowfudge Sun 23-Aug-15 19:51:40

I never use anything other than a wooden chopping board. I am careful not to cross contaminate meat/fish with other foods and just scrub with hot, soapy water. It is simply not necessary to use anti bacterial products. Most bacteria are actually harmless anyway.

gaggiagirl Sun 23-Aug-15 19:51:51

hair that's what happened to the butchers block, my dad used to make them new ones as an apprentice back in the day. Awwww olden times!

rabbit123 Sun 23-Aug-15 20:10:03

Put it in the dishwasher on the hottest wash?

Hairballs Sun 23-Aug-15 20:30:53

Oh fudge but I LOVE my anti-bac spray grin Don't spoil my fun!

rabbit I've done that before and it now has a war wound in the form of a big crack. Might give it another bash though.

VulcanWoman Sun 23-Aug-15 20:39:54

I have a glass one, couldn't be doing with the messing.

Hairballs Sun 23-Aug-15 20:40:36

Chopping on a glass board gives me goosebumps. <shudder>

Bunbaker Sun 23-Aug-15 20:42:45

"Put it in the dishwasher on the hottest wash?"

No shock

It will warp and crack.

MaillotRojoPan Sun 23-Aug-15 20:46:11

Nope. Just scrub it hard in the wash at the sink with everything else. No nasties will survive.
Next? smile

CremeEggThief Sun 23-Aug-15 20:48:54

You shouldn't put any wooden stuff in the dishwasher!

LumpySpacedPrincess Sun 23-Aug-15 20:50:58

I give it a good scrub with one of those metal things, just soapy water.

Anti bac is bleugh. grin

wowfudge Sun 23-Aug-15 20:52:57

Plastic and glass chopping boards blunt your knives. And the glass ones just put my teeth on edge with the noise.

Hairballs Sun 23-Aug-15 20:58:22

wow My knives are fucking shit anyway <makes note to start thread re knife sharpening>

I love the way wooden boards look in a kitchen tosser

ProcrastinatorGeneral Mon 24-Aug-15 10:14:30

I have a wanky Jamie Oliver butchers block style chopping board. It's too fucking big and heavy to lift into the sink to clean properly so sits on the windowsil looking all pretty and pretentious. Sodding thinggrin

VulcanWoman Mon 24-Aug-15 14:39:17

General, you must have one heck off windowsill.

ProcrastinatorGeneral Tue 25-Aug-15 14:21:33

It's a massive round bastard, and I have a small council issue sink as well as bad wrists so it just sits there. It's hard to use as well, it's about three inches tall so you feel like you need to stand on a step stool to chop spuds comfortably.

VulcanWoman Tue 25-Aug-15 14:33:20

Yes, best to be admired on the windowsill. smile

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Tue 25-Aug-15 15:25:14

If it has a crack in it then bin it. The bacteria will hide in the crack waiting to creep out into your salad.

Wood is supposed to be more hygienic but not when cracked

girlandboy Tue 25-Aug-15 15:29:11

A good scrub in hot soapy water, but if I'm in any further doubt about it then I scald it with a kettle of boiling water.

Bippidee Tue 25-Aug-15 15:32:59

I scrub mine with hot soapy water, and I oil it with olive oil every so often if it's starting to look a bit peaky.

ProcrastinatorGeneral Tue 25-Aug-15 19:59:24

It was a gift from my ex Vulcan. It's outlasted him and could be said to be in better shape grin

TheOddity Tue 25-Aug-15 20:05:19

I just use washing up liquid and hot water like the other dishes. If I have chopped onions or something with a lingering smell, I liberally pour on white vinegar, scrub with a metal scourer and then soapy water again and rinse.

I don't use for fish, just don't think the smell would ever come out so do that on a separate little ceramic one usually.

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