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Urine in mattress

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ToTheGups Sat 22-Aug-15 16:06:05

Dd has wet the bed in the last week several times after being dry for a long time. I know the cause but it has left her mattress in a state as she didn't tell me so it was left to dry in.

I have sprayed white vinegar all over and that seems to have lifted the stain to an extent. It now has bicarb of soda on. If they fail would it be worth a trip to the pet shop for some cat pee remover?

Every1KnowsJeffHesUsuallyACunt Sat 22-Aug-15 16:09:14

Steam is your friend.

When ds wet the bed I scrubbed it with bio washing powder in very hot water on both sides then steamed it with the steam generator iron. Worked a treat.

ToTheGups Sat 22-Aug-15 16:23:09

Thanks JeffIsACunt I may invest in a handheld steamer. Any recommendations?

lavendersun Sat 22-Aug-15 16:27:25

ToTheGups, I turned over DD's 12 month old mattress the other day to find a wee stain so I am going to hijack the ideas on your thread.

I have got a handheld steamer, I can't remember which one it is now - they are all rubbish in my experience, I bin them after a while and then a year or two later buy another one .... still pants. I paid £150 once - still rubbish, I think that this one might be a small hoover one.

Every1KnowsJeffHesUsuallyACunt Sat 22-Aug-15 16:37:41

Mine is a generator, Bosch sensixx B25L. It's a fairly big piece of kit (lives on top of the fridge) I've had it for about 4 years so don't know if you can still buy them, but yea, fab. Not cheap, but worth it. I think it was about £140 maybe. Honestly couldn't recommend it enough. I hate ironing and am crap at it but that iron is a joy to use! And is good for other jobs like this.

lavendersun Sat 22-Aug-15 16:48:15

I had a Bosch iron like that Every too in 2004 - couldn't deal with the limescale and I live in a very hard water area ... I binned it when it became a big issue and now buy a £50 Bosch iron every couple of years.

My mum has had hers forever - they have spring water at their house - absolutely fine.

Every1KnowsJeffHesUsuallyACunt Sat 22-Aug-15 17:06:18

Funny you should say that Lavender, our water is hard here too and we do get limescale on the iron but I keep on it with the old MN special vinegar and baking powder!

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