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Trofast step unit' sizing help

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Karcheer Thu 20-Aug-15 14:34:26


I'm thinking of getting trofast under our stairs as the mess is driving me insane.

But I can't see how high the lowest shelf is or how wide each of the steps are. If you've got one could you do me a massive favour and measure it for me please.

Thank you!

FishWithABicycle Thu 20-Aug-15 14:42:08

The top surface of the lowest step is 42.5cm from the floor. The lowest and medium steps are each 32.5 cm wide, the top step is 34cm wide.

Karcheer Thu 20-Aug-15 14:49:32

Thank you, now need to borrow thru the rubbish under the stairs to measure ;)

Karcheer Thu 20-Aug-15 14:54:51


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