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Cleaning Net curtains

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Angie1978 Wed 19-Aug-15 18:33:12

How do you/can you get net curtains to become truly white again?

Have tired a gentle wash with glow white in but they still look greyish.

Sorry for the dull subject matter smile

rabbit123 Wed 19-Aug-15 19:26:47

I use the Kim & Aggie method.

2 square washing up bowls. Fold the net curtain up into a square so that it fits in the bowl. Fill the bowl with warm water and add 3 denture cleaners.
Once the denture tablets have fully dissolved, lay the curtain down on top of the water and push down gently so it lowers slowly through the water. Leave it for 10-15 minutes or so.

Fill the second bowl with clean, cold water. After 10 mins, take the curtain out of the bowl still folded and do the same thing with it in the cold water to rinse it off.

Lay a bath towels out on the floor. Lay the folded curtain on top of the towel and roll it up tight like a sausage. Then walk on the towel for a few minutes to squeeze the water out.

Once this is done, it should be white and ready to hang up.

fussychica Fri 21-Aug-15 10:28:55

My parents smoked and my mum used to wash her nets fortnightly. Biotex soak in the bath or sink. Rinse. Hang on line dripping wet so no creasing from squeezing, hang whilst still damp.

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