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Bleached a stain on a white cotton t but...

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fussychica Sun 16-Aug-15 19:14:42

I treated a stain on a white cotton t with bleach and left it for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately i got distracted by a long phone call and only remembered the t shirt when it was over. The stain have gone but i now have a yellow mark which is bigger than the original stainconfused. Any advice?

Aquamarine70 Mon 17-Aug-15 10:10:27

Once the yellow is there I don't think anything will get it out. I've done the same too.

DarylDixonsDarlin Mon 17-Aug-15 10:17:55

Vanish gold. Wash it, then stick it in the sun. Worth a try before chucking it. Do not put it in the sun with the vanish gold on it, the yellow will become even worse (bitter experience!)

fussychica Mon 17-Aug-15 14:02:16

Thanks. Not an expensive t shirt thankfully, won't do that again!

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