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Best fabric softener for strong, long lasting scent....

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theladylovescupcakes Wed 12-Aug-15 13:06:59 know the kind that you can smell on other people's clothing as you walk past? Mine never seems to smell after the clothes have been dried and ironed. I've tried the scent boosters but they're quite expensive. Thanks in advance.

Missingsleepandthecat Wed 12-Aug-15 13:09:39

I've been using Comfort waterlily and lime softener, seems to last even though the dryer. Fairy also lasts really well too

RattleAndRoll Wed 12-Aug-15 13:13:51

I want to know this too!

Goshthatsspicy Fri 14-Aug-15 15:12:35

Did the scent boosters work?

I find the comfort intense very good, if not a little too strong.

Lizsmum Fri 14-Aug-15 17:29:36

The Comfort Waterlily softener is on special offer on Ocado (maybe at Wrose too) at the moment so thanks for the recommendation.

MissBattleaxe Fri 14-Aug-15 17:31:19

Lenor Summer breeze. I love it.

SirChenjin Fri 14-Aug-15 17:32:07

The scent boosters do work, definitely - but they are quite pricey. I'm watching this thread with interest as I like a strong smell of all things artificial - can't be doing with the horrified "what's wrong with the smell of fresh hair" thing on MN.

KissMyFatArse Fri 14-Aug-15 17:32:36

Lenor tropical something or other and the comfort intense ones too.

treaclesoda Fri 14-Aug-15 17:32:49

I think that you can only smell other people's clean laundry, not your own, it is like you become immune to it or something.

SoupDragon Fri 14-Aug-15 17:35:35

Strong smelling long lasting smells are rank! Whatever EXH uses takes 3 washes to shift from DCS clothes. It's awful.

teachpeach Fri 14-Aug-15 17:36:20

The best result I have for this is from Sainbury's own 2 in 1 liquid - not the capsules, the bottled liquid, in the lavender fragrance. If I wash bedding and then put it away, it still smells gorgeous weeks later. On clothes it seems to release more smell when I move!
I'm not a fan of 2 in 1s as I didn't really believe they work the same as separate products if you know what I mean, but this has converted me- and it's quite cheap.

SirChenjin Fri 14-Aug-15 17:36:20

Oooh - sounds promising. Find out what your ex uses and report back please soup

SoupDragon Fri 14-Aug-15 17:36:23

It's so strong it actually makes me feel ill.

SoupDragon Fri 14-Aug-15 17:36:42

He's a wanker. We don't speak.

winkywinkola Fri 14-Aug-15 17:37:21

The white Comfort. Love it.

DoItTooJulia Fri 14-Aug-15 17:40:20

Blue Lenor.

If you use the fairy blocks (not tabs) and blue Lenor you'll be smelling laundry for days. I promise.

SirChenjin Fri 14-Aug-15 17:44:33

Damn. So near, so far...

Julia - what are the Fairy blocks?

DoItTooJulia Fri 14-Aug-15 18:38:08 Just not the liqui tabs.

HiawathaDidntBotherTooMuch Fri 14-Aug-15 18:46:32

I think the answer is to keep swapping, and not to stick to the same scent. I think your nose stops smelling the same scent after a while. I am using the blue Lenor at the moment, and it's a strong smell. I really like it.

SirChenjin Fri 14-Aug-15 19:10:44

Thanks for the tip Julia - I am off to Sainsburys tonight to stock up

theladylovescupcakes Fri 14-Aug-15 20:09:09

I bought Comfort Intense today as it was on special offer so will see how that goes. Thanks for replies.

DoItTooJulia Fri 14-Aug-15 21:12:21

You're welcome. I actually,asked,a,friend what she used un her washing because it always smelled so glorious. Now when I pass on clothes to a friends dc I get asked what I use!

I think it is the combination of the right detergent and conditioner. I find powder always smells better than liquid, although in the holiday cottage we stayed in this year they had some non bio liquid and that smelled quite strong. Possibly co-op gel. Nowhere near as nice a the fairy tablet/blue Lenor combo though.

Missingsleepandthecat Fri 14-Aug-15 23:05:05

DS2 used to like surf, but the last box he had (lavender one) brought his eczema out, but he used the pink one and had no problems confused
He's a keen fairy and surcare user now but he's been pondering giving pink surf another whirl...
DM always uses Persil bio and any fabric conditioner, when you walk into her house you can always tell if shes done washing lol
I've got Ariel and the waterlily comfort, you can smell it as it dries grin

forago Fri 14-Aug-15 23:06:53

i use fairy non-bio and fairy conditioner and get a lot of comments from a few people about how nice the kids clothes smell if that's any help?

GuiltyAsAGirlCanBe Fri 14-Aug-15 23:25:32

I just did a load with the yellow softener from lidl and it smells lush! I also really love the smell of fairy powder.

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