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Gas oven burning food underneath

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cakedup Mon 10-Aug-15 00:48:53

I'm used to using an electric oven, and have just bought a new gas oven.

I've found that it doesn't seem to brown food very well, and in some instances over cooks food from underneath.

For example, today I put in some veggie sausage rolls. In my electric oven, they used to brown on the top and that's how I could tell they were cooked. In my gas oven, the top looked completely uncooked whilst underneath got a bit burnt.

Am using the recommended oven settings.

I miss my electric oven sad

PigletJohn Mon 10-Aug-15 08:29:07

Is it an Italian oven?

PolterGoose Mon 10-Aug-15 08:58:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PigletJohn Mon 10-Aug-15 10:54:21

IME, gas ovens put a much better skin on rice puddings, and roasts don't seem to make the kitchen smell of hot fat.

UK gas oven design seems to put the burners at the back, so the heat circulates, and Italian under the oven floor, and I have heard of burnt-bottom cakes. I don't know if that is universally true.

cakedup Mon 10-Aug-15 23:06:25

Ah thanks PolterGoose was wondering if I was letting it heat up long enough (I hadn't).

PigletJohn this oven is a Bush (doesn't sound very Italian to me) but the burner is indeed underneath rather than at the back.

PigletJohn Mon 10-Aug-15 23:21:10

I think Bush is a brand name owned by Argos, which they stick on appliances from anywhere.

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