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Hand wash only....ok on wool wash??

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Highlandbird Thu 06-Aug-15 18:22:19

I have three tunic-y style tops that I'm fed up of washing by hand so they end up sitting in the laundry basket for weeks at a time! Wondering whether to risk putting them in a wool wash....

All a combination of viscose, nylon, cotton, lambs wool, angora and cashmere and all from white stuff if that makes a difference?

Happinessismymiddlename Thu 06-Aug-15 18:43:42

You will never know until you try! I have a couple of dresses that say hand wash. I always wool wash at zero degrees. They always appear to have shrunk, but just need pulling back to size (they are a crepey/wrinkled sort of fabric).
I did once have a total disaster with a cashmere jumper though... ended up very tiny indeed!

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