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Wheelie bin storage

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Shoegal30 Tue 04-Aug-15 23:01:47

I have 2 wheelie bins in my drive next to the front door. We are getting a new drive done and want to hide the wheelie bins.

We don't have an option to put them round the back as there is no access.

I have seen a screen that covers the bins on amazon. Has anybody used these? Do they hide the bins or can you still see them? The alternative is a little shed storage thing but at almost £200 it's a lot of money.

soloula Sat 08-Aug-15 16:28:54

We bought the triple willow reed type screen off Amazon a few weeks ago and it's great. You can't see the bins from the street - looks so much better. Because it's only the sides that are screened it's really easy to access the bins still. The one we got came with four hooks that screwed into the fence behind so the only difference between this and the sheds are that they need this extra support, rather than being freestanding. Worth bearing in mind. smile

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