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Shower glass

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ladymariner Mon 03-Aug-15 11:55:16

We have just had a new shower fitted with a glass screen. What is the best thing to clean it with? We use one of those sprays after each shower, but after a while it still gets a bit smeary.

Etak15 Mon 03-Aug-15 11:57:33

Just clean it like you clean your windows, I use a karcher vac - it's great. I don't do it after every shower though I'd never leave the bathroom maybe once a week or if someone's coming smile

LizardBreath Mon 03-Aug-15 12:11:35

I keep a squeegee (sp?) in the shower and wipe it down with that after every shower and give it a good spray clean once a week, seems to do the trick

chumbler Mon 03-Aug-15 21:23:46

karcher vac looks amazing! do you use it on mirrors too??

LIZS Mon 03-Aug-15 21:26:48

White vinegar spray from Wilkos.

HuckleberryMishMash Mon 03-Aug-15 21:27:38

A micro-fibre cloth works wonders.

Maybe once a week while I'm in the shower I wipe over the glass with the cloth (no cleaning products, takes less than a minute while conditioner is soaking into hair or whatever) and it keeps it nice and clean and shiny.

About once a month I'll spray some cif bathroom cleaner on it and wipe over that with the micro-fibre cloth.

It's brilliant and far less hassle than any methods I've tried before!

Etak15 Mon 03-Aug-15 23:53:33

I haven't actually tried it on mirrors yet but I'm sure it will work in the same way it does on glass, I'm going to try it on kitchen cupboards (high gloss) next as everytime I wipe something off them they look streaky in the wrong light!

ladymariner Tue 04-Aug-15 00:20:48

Thanks everyone x

Solo Tue 04-Aug-15 01:18:10

I put ordinary, cheap old white vinegar in a spray bottle, spray the glass, leave for 15-20 minutes and thoroughly rinse and wipe dry.

IHeartKingThistle Tue 04-Aug-15 01:36:26

Viakal is the best actual cleaning spray I've found.

wowfudge Tue 04-Aug-15 08:10:25

It depends whether you have hard or soft water what will work best. Vaikal in a hard water area - great; where we are with very soft water - totally unnecessary.

NicoleWatterson Tue 04-Aug-15 08:26:01

Window cleaner with vinegar every other day. I've also got a window vac, I do all the tiles, mirrors etc after every shower as we have a huge damp problem. You'll be shocked at the amount of residual water left

artylady14 Tue 04-Aug-15 17:35:32

I followed some tips on here and filled a spray bottle with a mix of fairy liquid, white vinegar and water. I scrub with a sponge after and rinse, then use a squeegee and cloth. I put my dehumidifier to work regularly and it takes away a lot of water.

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