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Where to store my now too-big-for-the-house chair?

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BusyCee Sun 02-Aug-15 20:44:02

I inherited my mums leather chair when she died - I love it and it's quite emotionally important to me. It fitted our house when we were two, but then children started to arrive and its seemed bigger and bigger. Now DC3 is imminent and I know we need to get rid of it (hopefully temporarily) to give the children more space to play in our relatively small house. The thing is, yellow Storage would cost approx £800 per annum. Which I just can't justify (well be in our current house for at least another 3-5 yrs).

Any ideas for other storage options? I don't really have anyone I know with space to store it. Or am I just going to have to bite the bullet and get rid of it (sob)

BusyCee Sun 02-Aug-15 22:12:28

It's a stupid question isn't it? It's pay for storage, get rid or accept the behemoth. Just desperately seeking a solution...

mysteryfairy Mon 03-Aug-15 07:13:15

Can it go in someone else's house for a while? Some leather chairs which were in DHs family home have moved multiple times. They used to live with us but currently at his sisters. We've got a bigger house now and would have them back if necessary.

Bin85 Tue 04-Aug-15 08:43:15

Can you fit it in a corner somewhere and store things under and on it until you move house?

senua Tue 04-Aug-15 08:46:21

How big is this behemoth!?shock

Do you know of anyone else needing storage so you can goes halves on the cost?

BusyCee Tue 04-Aug-15 09:43:49

Size of behemoth is contextual - we live in a small cottage and there's soon to be x5 of us (of whom 4 are boys...)!!

Brilliantly my uncle has just offered to take it and use it until the time/finances come for us to move. Great all round solution, as it'll be loved too.

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