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Sanding an oak table....

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Dickorydockwhatthe Wed 29-Jul-15 16:16:15

We have patches on our oak table where the oil is wearing off. I want to sand the whole thing and retreat it. Can anyone recommend how to do and what to re-oil it with?? Could I use a electric sander or does it need to be done by hand??? I remember reading something about using steal wool.

overmydeadbody Thu 30-Jul-15 14:15:44

I use an electric sander and then rub it thoroughly with a few coats of danish oil. Do it once a year.

cozietoesie Thu 30-Jul-15 15:17:43

For me, it would depend what the piece of furniture was and what finish I wanted eg is it an old piece of farmhouse furniture or a fairly new piece?

Dickorydockwhatthe Thu 30-Jul-15 15:34:51

It's a modern solid chunky oak table cozie. We've had a few years and I'm finding it's becoming a bit sticky and harder to clean.

PigletJohn Thu 30-Jul-15 17:20:28

for oak, steel wool is not advised, because small fragments of steel may become embedded in the wood, and it will stain.

If you are sanding it, always rub along the direction of the grain, and never in circles.

ILoveApples Sat 01-Aug-15 06:36:14

Piglet, what would suggest sanding it with other than an electric sander please?

PigletJohn Sat 01-Aug-15 06:49:27

by hand, with sandpaper wrapped round a cork block.

You can use a power sander if you want.

A coarse grade of paper will take off a lot of material if you need to but will leave the surface rough so you need to redo with finer and finer until it is smooth.

ILoveApples Sat 01-Aug-15 08:41:17

Thanks smile

wowfudge Sat 01-Aug-15 09:57:43

Often gets recommended on here for wooden work tops, how about Osmo Hardwax Oil for your table top once you've sanded?

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