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How do your organise paperwork so things actually get done rather than forgotten about?!

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Jemster Sat 25-Jul-15 21:47:41

I really need some ideas on how to deal with paperwork of all kinds. I'm
alright with filing away things that just need to be kept but it's the things that need reading, actioning or kept close to hand for info that I'm struggling with.
I have one of those magazine files on our small hall table and on going through it I've found so many bits of paper I'd forgotten about; things I meant to read & haven't, coupons, vouchers now out of date, stuff from school & pre-school that probably needed more attention, stuff about holiday clubs, bits of old homework, some work papers of dh's, various leaflets from builders, gardeners, cleaners etc.
Our kitchen and hall are tiny & although I have the hall table to dump stuff I don't want it to look cluttered. I shove all this paperwork in the magazine file meaning to look at it & then never do as life takes over!
I feel like I need an in & out tray for each person in the house as we all have paperwork relating to us but I have no space to create myself a little 'office'.
I can't be the only one with all this paperwork & not much space so please tell me how you manage it.
I really do need to get organised as I can never find what I'm looking for!

YeOldeTrout Sat 25-Jul-15 22:02:30

Some things we do...

Notes in Google calendar emailing us to remind to get things done, maybe a week before the actual deadline & again a day before real deadline

Coupons & vouchers: on bulletin board in full view near shopping list

old homework sounds like you can toss

Work papers should probably go to work, or else have a special work-papers-place

Drawer for local businesses leaflets like gardeners, with business cards on the bulletin board

We have a kitchen counter space where other stuff kicks around until it's done or recategorised

School letters & party invites go on a hanging clip in the kitchen in date order, checked & culled every few days

I have a special shelf for some paperwork, things that I'm unsure about

Try to be mercilous about binning anything I can

We had a filing cabinet but now we have a cardboard box with folders for each kid's school things, school reports go there, and box files for money-investment-pension stuff under one of the beds.

SwedishEdith Sat 25-Jul-15 22:05:16

Fridge magnets. If it's on the fridge, it needs something doing to it.

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