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Any long term Sebo owners here who now have a 700W Eco version?

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Bubbshjs Wed 22-Jul-15 17:55:07

I've owned a Sebo C3.1 cyclinder vacuum with a powerhead (electrically driven, not air) for the last 16 years and loved it. Sadly something has gone wrong and when you switch it on now it makes a hideous noise and starts to overheat immediately. I went straight to Sebo to look for a replacement, but am a bit disappointed by the options available under the new EU laws on power consumption.

The only models now available with a powerhead (which I want as I have both hard floors and carpets in my home) are the E3 Eco and D4 Eco. These are both 700W machines and I'm finding it very difficult to believe these will do as good a job as my current 1500W model. I know there isn't a direct correlation between wattage and suction, and you only need enough suction (not maximum suction so it lifts your carpets off the floor!), but ...

I saw a demo of the smaller E3 Eco the other day and it seemed OK, but when you're used to more suction it's hard to convince yourself that lower suction is doing the same job. The demo was of grey dirt on a grey carpet so difficult to be sure just how well it was picking up to be honest.

Does anyone have any comments/experience of the new 700w Sebo Eco models please?

Also does anyone have any other suggestions for new vacuums that I should consider please?

Many thanks in advance

rabbit123 Wed 22-Jul-15 19:44:06

I tested the D4 in John Lewis in January and honestly couldn't tell the difference between the 2100w model and the 700w model. Both Sebo and Miele have redesigned their motors to clean just as well as the older, more powerful ones.

I actually preferred the 700w Sebo as it was much quieter than the older models.

rabbit123 Wed 22-Jul-15 19:47:33

Sebo used to make low wattage vacuums anyway. We've got an old (really old) X1 upright and that's only 850w, but it lifts the carpet up off the floor far more so than my friend's 2000w Vax, so I suspect that Sebo have just gone back to using the older style motors.

If you've been happy with Sebo in the past, I'd suggest sticking with them. They're well known for being high performing and reliable. Plus, if you don't like it or find it's not cleaning well, you could always send it back?

Bubbshjs Wed 22-Jul-15 21:12:55

That's really interesting - thanks for posting. I didn't feel the E3 Eco that was demoed had as strong a suction as my current model but I didn't have the two side by side like you did to test. I did notice the difference in noise though! Thanks again.

Bubbshjs Wed 29-Jul-15 09:08:52

Just thought I'd update this in case anyone comes across it in future when doing a search. I ordered a 700W Sebo D4 Eco with the electric powerhead, which is the equivalent of the model I had previously. It's early days yet, but I'm pretty happy with it. It doesn't have the same level of suction as my old 1500W machine, but it seems to have enough suction. On the plus side you nolonger have to be careful of everything in the general vicinity being sucked into the hoover! Obviously I'm yet to fill the bag, so that's when less suction could become an issue (though the claim is that there is no loss of suction with a fuller bag on these models). I have found that I've used the crevice nozzle to give me more suction at times, when before I would just have used the end of the tube. The new powerhead is superb on carpets - it even raised the pile on an ancient threadbare carpet. I'll stick a full review on Amazon when I've used it for a while if anyone wants to read more.

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