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Decluttering Wardrobe

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newbiefrugalgal Fri 17-Jul-15 13:29:41

My life is a ridiculous mess.
I have way too many clothes but just don't know how to deal with it.
It's not expensive designer wear so not worth much to sell
I have winter wardrobes and summer wardrobes
I have clothes in baskets, under my bed and in storage boxes in the spare room!
I have a range of sizes to reflect weight gains -from
size 10-12-14

mrsmeerkat Fri 17-Jul-15 13:42:25

What size are you in now op?

I would dig out the best jeans/trousers that fit you at the moment and get rid of the rest (if you really believe you will get into smaller again vacuum bag with a 6 month deadline on a note to dump on specific date)

Then try on or photograph on each top/dress. be really ruthless.

I declutttered my whole wardrobe after two pregnancies and i am so much happier. I then treated myself to some flattering skinny jeans, pretty tops from oasis and monsoon, some decent jewellery and an everyday mac and two pairs of dressy sandals.

I am not one for fashion but i do feel 'put together' everyday.

(Got an organic hair colour and wear st.tropez gradual tan and feel lot more confident that i did two months ago)

Go for it!!!!!

cozietoesie Fri 17-Jul-15 14:26:27

I know you said it's not designer etc but is the stuff good enough for a charity shop? Would anyone be able to make use of it for example?

newbiefrugalgal Fri 17-Jul-15 22:20:24

Yes I could charity shop it.
Thank you both for your posts.
I went to bed looking at this chaos in my room and have just had enough
I am hoping to lose more weight
I've lost about seven kilograms and wearing size 12 now.
So maybe u need to put away the bigger sizes and start there.most of the smaller stuff is away anyway.
I de am of a beautiful capsule wardrobe but too overwhelmed to even start that

newbiefrugalgal Fri 17-Jul-15 22:21:07

I really should change my name cause I'm not really anewbiefrugal person shock

elderflowergin Sat 18-Jul-15 09:05:02

Have you looked on the Kondo threads for help de cluttering clothes, i found that really helped me.

MrsMook Sat 18-Jul-15 10:17:21

I charity shop my old things. I suspect most have rag value only.

Keep what you feel good in and have a purpose for. I've ditched many of my old going out tops now as they've become dated and I rarely go out. Things that niggle you by not quite sitting right etc can move on to their new life.

My maternity and post-natal clothes are kept separate to my regular size. When I'm out of my normal size, those are put away.

SlatternIsMyMiddleName Sat 18-Jul-15 11:00:29

I'm terrible at getting rid because I think about how much money I have spent on that particular top/skirt/trouser, this makes me feel guilty and so I hold on to it to justify the spend, even if it doesn't fit!

Tips on here and from a friend who is ruthless have helped me

- the money is spent, it can't be 'reclaimed' by the item sitting in the drawer
- seeing the item everyday, but not wearing it, is just a guilt reminder, EVERYDAY
- it's better that someone else can make good use of the item.

Another very useful price of advice from these threads - doing something is better than doing nothing. So even getting rid of one top is better than doing nothing because the whole thing is too overwhelming.

Good luck with you endeavour.

NowhereNow Sat 18-Jul-15 18:22:25

The Kondo method says to put all your clothes (including anything in the loft, in the dirty laundry basket etc) in a big pile then pick up each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy. If it does not, thank it and get rid of it. If that seems too daunting you could do it in sub categories like vests or skirts etc.

Alternatively, do you have a few things that you wear over and over? Maybe make a conscious effort to pass over those and wear some of the other items you own. If, when it comes to actually wearing them, you really don't want to or you wear them but feel uncomfortable/self-conscious etc, then you should pop them in a bag and put it in a cupboard. Once the bag is full, label it and if you haven't retrieved any of the items in 6 months or so, take the bag to the charity shop.

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