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smelly washing machine

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0x530x610x750x630x79 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:01:58

i had a cloth covered in paint brush cleaner and the removed paint.
Well now my washing machine smells of paint brush cleaner.
I have given it a 40 deg wash and pre-wash, 60 degree wash and 90deg wash. it still smells.
i have been using fairy powder.

SurlyCue Wed 15-Jul-15 14:03:43

Oh how coincidental! I have the same issue. Will watch with interest.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:06:37

oh bugger saw I had a response and got all excited

SurlyCue Wed 15-Jul-15 14:07:15

Sorry! grin

CheekyBambino Wed 15-Jul-15 16:52:19

Have you tried cleaning out the filter? Mine was v smelly but cleaning out the gunk from the filter (and the tray) really helped. It still smells a bit though, so watching with interest too...

0x530x610x750x630x79 Wed 15-Jul-15 17:25:05

will try the filter tonight.
I have hung the washing on the line hoping the fresh air will solve that, but machine a bit heavy for that.

NowhereNow Thu 16-Jul-15 11:40:08

I did exactly the same thing about a year ago with cloths that had been used with oil for the worktop then soaked. Rather than chucking them I put them in our washer dryer and it was a disaster. I tried the Dr Beckmann Deep Clean, lots of 90 degree washes, both empty and with towels. I tried soda crystals too. Eventually the smell and residue did go, but last time I checked the cottons drying option still makes a chemical smell so I just use synthetic dry instead. Should try cotton dry again to see if the problem has resolved after all this time.

Viviennemary Thu 16-Jul-15 11:43:26

I agree with cleaning out the filter. You could try running a wash without clothes and bicarbonate of soda instead of washing powder. that's supposed to get rid of smells.

sugar21 Thu 16-Jul-15 11:56:27

I work in an hotel and we have huge machines. They are cleaned every week with soda crystals, very cheap and effective. Add 2 cups ( teacups not mugs) of crystals to the bit where powder goes in and run the longest hottest wash while machine is empty. As an extra do the same with 500mls of white vinegar and that eliminates limescale and pongs,also very cheap.
Hope this helpssmile

holmessweetholmes Thu 16-Jul-15 14:41:09

Smelly washing machine here too. Dh somebody put a damp, dirty tea towel in the machine and shut the door. It was in there for two days, unbeknownst to me. Opened the door to put a wash on - bleeeurgh!

I've tried soda crystals, white vinegar, Zoflora, each on a hot wash. Still smells. Any other suggestions, folks?

0x530x610x750x630x79 Thu 16-Jul-15 15:10:30

somebody else very nicely put 2 loads of washing through on cool washes, and hung it outside to dry, the smell seems to have gone from the machine and the washing as well.

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