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What's your daily/weekly cleaning routine?

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coolsmudge81 Wed 15-Jul-15 10:05:19

Spoilt bitch that I am, we have had a cleaner for the past 2 years but have decided we need to economise and she finishes in september.
I've so far managed to get by with doing minimal inbetween the cleaner cleans but am feeling a bit daunted about where to start with a cleaning schedule for the whole house on my own. We have 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms/toilets (said I was spoilt);-)
How does everyone else do it? A little bit everyday? or blitz once a week?

Forgetmenotblue Wed 15-Jul-15 10:13:35

Decide on what's an acceptable baseline for you, and do that each day but v quick. (I have 3 DC, a cat, work part time).

For me....beds made, curtains opened, windows opened, dirty mugs etc to the kitchen, one load of washing in and then hung out, one dishwasher load on, bathroom and loos given a quick wipe over.

I do this as I get ready in the morning.

Evening....another dishwasher load, kitchen wiped over and tidied, sitting room made presentable (toys flung in basket, cushions plumped, magazines stacked etc).

Bedtime...bathrooms given a once over with a squirt of disinfectant down the loo, one load of laundry sorted ready to put on in the morning.

Hoover once a week. Dust once a fortnight.

Do all of these jobs in little blasts of about 15 minutes. It's not show home standard but it keeps things reasonable.

I used to have a cleaner too but couldn't afford it anymore...I haven't really noticed a big difference in the standard by doing it myself a bit each day. What I do miss though, is coming in from work and it all being clean at once.

rabbit123 Wed 15-Jul-15 10:41:25

Do a little bit everyday. Set the washer going before you leave the house, washed and ready to dry for when you get home. Clean the kitchen as you cook so it always stays clean. Hoover as and when it needs doing on a room by room basis, eg "oh the living room could do with a Hoover, I'll quickly do it now". Put your kids in charge of their own rooms and their own laundry (putting it away and making sure dirty washing is in the basket), and make sure they have an hour each week put aside to clean their rooms. Clean toilets before bed so you can leave the toilet cleaner to work its magic over night, then flush the next morning.

Cleaning doesn't have to be a big effort smile

mrsmeerkat Thu 16-Jul-15 15:16:28

The bathrooms would get me.

Washing - soon as i go down in the morning i bring a handful and bung into the machine. Spray worktops after meals. Brush and wipe floors each night before bed.

I would put 50 water 50 vinegar in a bottle and spray the showers after each wash and get family to do the same. Keep wipes in each bathroom to whizz around toilets etc when you can.

I tend to do one bigger job each day - well more like three times per week (cobwebs today)

I batch cook as have two small dc and this saves the 40 mins so i can clean. I also have a window cleaner and wouldnt give him up.

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 16-Jul-15 15:21:58

If I lived somewhere that size I'd move somewhere smaller (helpful).

I'm in a 2 bed 1 bathroom,and only clean when a crisis presents.

lavendersun Thu 16-Jul-15 16:55:22

I used to have four bathrooms and banned the use of two of them, seriously I did grin, now I have two - much easier.

I used to have a cleaner too but my last one was a bit rubbish (very slow as well), she moved and I never replaced her as good ones seem hard to come by. I am not a natural at housework, I find it really boring but like a clean ish house.

I clean for 2-3 hours twice a week when I can fit that much in, I tend to do downstairs one morning and upstairs another, seems to be enough tbh.

Kitchen is easy to keep clean as it is cleaned when used. Three receptions and all bedrooms get vacuumed and dusted twice a week which is generally enough (even the ones not in use get dusty (old house)). Bedding in use and towels changed once a week. Bathrooms a thorough clean once a week, toilets and quick sink wipe daily.

I haven't done much recently as I have been busy and am very behind. This morning I decided to tackle a room a day, have 12 rooms in total so will be finished before I go on holiday. Instead of reading the news and drinking my coffee for an hour this morning I started on the kitchen at 5am for two hours, did another 90 mins mid morning and it is all done (as much as it is going to be anyway), woodwork, oven, units, windows, window frames, floor, etc., everything.

Have to say that if I knew a good cleaner I would be getting someone in right now. I do have a window cleaner and plan on getting him to do inside every other month as well as outside every month but keep forgetting to ask him.

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