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Liquid eyeliner on clothes

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WellTidy Tue 07-Jul-15 17:37:09

I had my make up done in Boots today, and the assistant accidentally dripped a load of black liquid eyeliner on my cardi and dress. I wont be able to do anything about it tonight as I am in work, but any ideas what to do please? Wash normally or soak in anything?

LovelyBranches Sat 11-Jul-15 21:43:37

Use liquid soap (hand soap) to give it a bit of a wash then put in machine like usual, normally works a treat for me.

WellTidy Tue 14-Jul-15 12:47:53

It didn't work. Sob. I tried it twice, but its stuck on, and sort of in the weave, if you know what I mean.

Any ideas anyone please?

WellTidy Tue 21-Jul-15 10:32:46

Bumping in the hope that someone can suggest anything else. I bought a vanish stick to pre-treat the stains before a wash, and put a scoop of vanish in the washer drawer too, but that didn't work.

Gah. I am so cross. This but in royal blue is the type of cardi I have in case it makes any difference.

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