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how do i get the smell of white spirit from clothing

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purplemurple1 Thu 02-Jul-15 07:43:24

Ds spilt a tub if white spirit (about 1/5 of a bottle) over himself it is mostly soaked in to his fleece jacket I've washed it by hand in hand soap and washing powder and its a bit better but still not ok to wear (i know who wears a fleece in this heat but his two so you know he knows best ...)

PigletJohn Thu 02-Jul-15 10:22:25

Hang it out in the sun for a week.

Don't put in tumble drier or washer until smell is gone.

purplemurple1 Thu 02-Jul-15 20:20:09

Thanks piglet it's out airing now so fingers crossed.

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