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spiralizer - please recommend

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antimatter Tue 23-Jun-15 16:42:17

There are few on the market but I wonder if they are worth the money.

Clutterbugsmum Tue 23-Jun-15 17:30:55

Blatant place marking.

As I think I NEED one, but don't want to pay £30 for it if it not very good.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Tue 23-Jun-15 18:09:21

Having read an article about how Amazon (I think) undermined and undercut the original designers, I want to buy a branded one. I have a couple of friends with them and must ask which they went for.

antimatter Tue 23-Jun-15 18:46:20

I would love to buy the original one. When I looked few months ago into it wasn't available in UK. I was thinking of buying one in US and friend would ship it for me.
I didn't know that story about amazon.

PoshPenny Tue 23-Jun-15 22:40:02

My daughter has just bought one from Lakeland for about £17.99 (so she said). It seems very easy to use and she is not very domesticated - this is the first domestic type thing I have known her to buy of her own free will, she's almost 21.

MadauntofA Wed 24-Jun-15 06:42:40

I bought one from Lakeland - not a proper spiralizer but a peeler that cuts into very thin strips as well so you get the same effect - doesn't take up any cupboard space and only about £3 - I bought it to see whether I would actually use a spiralizer and not waste money but I actually find it v easy to use and not interested in buying the proper one now.

MadauntofA Wed 24-Jun-15 06:44:01

It is called the Lakeland sharpeel julienne peeler - v sharp though!

suze28 Wed 24-Jun-15 06:50:10

I bought one of these from eBay. Incredibly cheap and does a great job!

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Wed 24-Jun-15 21:58:37

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Wed 24-Jun-15 21:59:26

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Wed 24-Jun-15 22:00:26

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