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Have YOU ever wet wiped your stair carpet?

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TealFanClub Mon 22-Jun-15 13:51:05

EW. That was... er hairy

mousmous Mon 22-Jun-15 13:52:09

why would I? that's what the hoover is for.
unless someone pukes or shit on it

CordeliaFoxx Mon 22-Jun-15 13:54:17

There's not much that hasn't been cleaned with a wet wipe at some point.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Mon 22-Jun-15 13:54:54


TealFanClub Mon 22-Jun-15 13:59:16

get a wet j cloth and wipe, you will be surprised

NellysKnickers Mon 22-Jun-15 13:59:30

YES. Just recently discovered how much hair can be removed with a baby wipe. My Henry Hoover jusy isn't up to the job. I tried using a rubber squire thing but that was rubbish. A damp flannel is good for hair removal too.

NellysKnickers Mon 22-Jun-15 14:00:11


TealFanClub Mon 22-Jun-15 14:15:42

i just used a j cloth but suppose baby wipes are good too!
Its GROSS isnt it?

chocolateyay Mon 22-Jun-15 14:17:28

I'm assuming you mean a carpet on the floor and it's not an euphamism for something else?

I wet wipe the rugs as they get full of dust and fluff that the Hoover cant shift.

MissesandMuddles Mon 22-Jun-15 14:39:32

Oh no! 3 weeks till dc3 due and trying not to completely give into nesting... but this is feeling like the best idea ever! I might have to stop trying to hold it back, ignore the children and get the wet wipes out.

PandaMummyofOne Mon 22-Jun-15 14:48:23

Yep. DS threw up all over my brand new hall and landing carpet. hmm The wet wipes worked wonders before the Hoover other vacuum cleaner brands available and a bit of febreeze other brands of fabric freshener available

Gatekeeper Mon 22-Jun-15 14:50:45

yes as did my mother before me; I don't use a wipe though- a damp floor cloth- and the amount of fluff and hair etc it brings off is staggering even with my brand new Miele vacuum

justaweeone Mon 22-Jun-15 14:51:21

Also try using the side of your hand that has a rubber glove on!!
Love a baby wipe for most things!

LMGTFY Mon 22-Jun-15 14:53:06

No, but guess what I'll be doing tonight now!

TealFanClub Mon 22-Jun-15 14:56:36

no euphenism

MarjorieWinklepicker Mon 22-Jun-15 14:57:33

Yes! Glad it's not just me that does this. I do Hoover them too grin

TealFanClub Mon 22-Jun-15 14:57:37

cat hair, human hair and lumps of greyshit™

TealFanClub Mon 22-Jun-15 14:57:55

yy but hoover not as good as a wet wipe

OhPuddleducks Mon 22-Jun-15 14:59:08

My mil did it once (in my house). I thought wtf? Does it actually do something? I just assumed she was being weird.

GobblersKnob Mon 22-Jun-15 14:59:46

I miss carpet for the removal of gross grin Have none now.

SurlyCue Mon 22-Jun-15 15:01:19

No but i will now! Thanks OP grin

Finola1step Mon 22-Jun-15 15:02:11

Really? I'll try later and report back.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Mon 22-Jun-15 15:05:09

My stair carpet is being replaced in a few months so I'll just keep on living in joyful ignorance of the filth, ta.

TealFanClub Mon 22-Jun-15 15:15:00

ew ew when they remove it and its RIGID

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Mon 22-Jun-15 15:20:11


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