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Chest freezer planning

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RoganJosh Sat 20-Jun-15 21:27:04

I am rather excited to have just ordered a big chest freezer. I'm hoping it'll make life a bit easier.
Is there anything super clever I can do with it?

I already batch cook and do things like make up and freeze tomato sauce and will now be able to do this in bigger quantities but I'm wondering if there's anything else time saving I can introduce.

storybrooke Sat 20-Jun-15 22:54:13

Do you have a slow cooker? Just google slow cooker freezer meals and you'll get loads of ideas. I can prep 30 meals in a night and you just pop it out to defrost and bang it in smile Huge time saver.

RoganJosh Sun 21-Jun-15 07:12:11

I do have a slow cooker, athough am not totally convinced by it but can easily do stuff in the oven instead. I'd forgotten about the idea of freezing prepped stuff rather than meals, thanks!

storybrooke Sun 21-Jun-15 08:59:35

Tbh I wasn't convinced until I'd used it a few times but we use it a lot actually. Pulled pork/gammon/chicken to freeze in portions for buns, curries, bbq sandwhiches etc, lasagne, fajitas, stews and casseroles, chops, cakes, fudge, you can do almost anything in it. I have a section of bagged up prep which I take out the day before to defrost and pop it in in the sc and forget it. Not had a fail yet I love it. Plus the bags barely take up any room in freezer so leftovers are no problem to fit in. Would certainly recommend grin

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