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NO TAX CREDITS FOR NEARLY 8 WEEKS cant afford to eat

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beedeepullen Sat 20-Jun-15 11:26:55

My first ever mumsnet talk so please bare with me

My partner moved in with me going on to nearly 8 weeks ago now. We are honest people so we made a joint claim. My partner works just under 16 hours a week minimum wage which isn't ideal but it was the only job available at the time. He is currently looking for full time work with better pay so we can start planning a future for our family.

My self on the other hand does not work. I am carer to my oldest little girl (Age6) who has several disabilities and a new mum again to a 6 month old.

I have always received child tax credits and even though my partner moved in with me the amount of child tax credits I get will not change as my partner does not work enough hours for us to claim family tax credits.

So although the amount of tax credits does not change my tax credit money has still stopped until our joint claim goes through and is finalised.

I have lost out on coming up to £1600. I am living on basically nothing and we cant afford to eat. YES my partner gets a small wage but after paying gas, electric, tv licence, nappies, baby milk and other bills we don't have a penny.

I have only scraped by the last few weeks by borrowing. but my family is all borrowed out and wont lend me another penny.

I hate to sound like a scrounger but I am so hungry and cant see no way out. I have enough food to feed my daughter today but from tomorrow I have nothing to give her.

I feel so on rock bottom that if it wasn't for my children I would not want to live sad

I have called the tax credits help line 4 times a week every week since I made the joint claim to see when I would receive my payments. every time I call I have been told my money would be backdated and I would receive my money guaranteed NO LATER than next Wednesday which is the 24/06/15 but my money could possibly be a little earlier.

SO I called today for a update to be told that tax credits them selves had made a error on their end and their system shows I already have a existing claim (single claim) which they forgot to close down. therefor my money they owe me could take a extra week on top of the date they have giving me and even then it is not guaranteed and they can give me no set date.

the advisor on the telephone said her self they are over there time limit and she can see how many times I have called and all of the other advisors I have spoken to. she even told me she could see that the other advisors have been giving me the incorrect information and could not explain why I have called so much and no one else picked up on the fact that there was a fault on their end.

i know the money will be backdated but until then what to we do??????

i have called at least 28 times and still no further forward.
Does anyone have any advice for me please??!!!!!!
i am desperate deprest and have NO otherway of feeding my two daughters without the money they owe me.

i have no one else to turn too. Not a single person.

Tax credits is a nightmare and they have me so down i think i need an emergency doctors appointment as the depression is unbearable.


esiotrot2015 Sat 20-Jun-15 11:31:16

Sorry to hear this
Do you have a food bank nearby you could go to until the money comes through

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Sat 20-Jun-15 11:31:46

Food bank?
Any chance you could get an emergency loan/overdraft/credit card?
Make a list of everything you have in ypur cupboards and the clever people here will be able to tell you what you can make with that.

GrannyWeatherwax2015 Sat 20-Jun-15 11:33:58

When this happened to me I ended up having to contact my MP who arranged for an emergency payment to be made. I had to go to my local DSS place and sign some paperwork but we were given money. This was several years ago though.

RepeatAdNauseum Sat 20-Jun-15 11:36:55

Is your gas and electric metered? If it's not, buy food instead, and catch up with payments once your backpayment is through. If you phone the companies concerned, they usually have a department that can help if you're struggling to pay.

Look at your other bills, like the TV license, and see what you can postpone. Food is more important right now.

You could also look into food banks, and speak to Social Services who may be able to send you a "Care package" of food which might include baby milk.

Could you partner see about getting an overdraft? You'll probably be rejected if you don't work, but he may be able to get one if he's got okay credit.

KoalaDownUnder Sat 20-Jun-15 11:38:57

Could your partner go to his employer and ask for an advance on his wages?

I know it's not ideal, but I know employers who would do this for a genuine, hard-working employee who had two hungry children to feed.

Mrsderekshepard Sat 20-Jun-15 11:39:33

Have you got anything you can sell on local sites to give you enough to buy basics?

stargazer2030 Sat 20-Jun-15 11:39:50

I was going to say ring your local mp asap and tell them the situation. They should be able to get it sorted out. Also food banks but you need to be referred. Hope it gets sorted soon xxx

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Sat 20-Jun-15 11:45:29

Where in the UK are you? MNers might be able to give specific advice about services in your area

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 20-Jun-15 14:01:41

Hi beedeepullen,

We're really sorry you're going through such a tough time.

As our regulars will know, we're obliged to post up the following statement on threads that have been brought to our attention:

We do advise all our members to be aware that not everyone on the internet is who they say they are, and that, although we're awed daily by the astonishing support our members give each other through life's trickier twists and turns, we'd always caution anyone never to give more of themselves to another poster, emotionally or financially, than they can afford to spare.

We're glad you're receiving some useful advice on this thread, and really hope you're able to get things sorted soon. flowers

afreshstartplease Sun 21-Jun-15 07:41:31

I second those saying contact your mp

bronya Sun 21-Jun-15 08:06:05

See if a friend can give you lunch/dinner today or go to a local church and ask for help. Then get a food bank referral on Monday, contact MP and go from there.

esiotrot2015 Mon 22-Jun-15 07:19:48

Where did op go ?

youbethemummylion Mon 22-Jun-15 07:26:32

Contact your Health Visitor, GP, M.P etc also call companies you are paying they might be able to give you a short payment holiday.

beedeepullen Mon 22-Jun-15 14:08:19

hiya all,

thank you all for your kind reply's star

my mum has been kind enough to help me out once more smile

so we have managed to get over the weekend and I now have a few bits and bobs to see me until Friday.

my partner has also been offered a raise in his hours at work as well so that is a bonus :D

so today I again called tax credits and was told what the advisor told me on Saturday was a load of nonsense.
they told me that my tax credits is now up and running thank the lord and that I should receive my back dated money on Friday.
I am so happy grin.

but I am not banking on this being true as I have been told many different things by different advisors all though I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

I will call them again first thing in the morning and ask a advisor if she can confirm what the advisor I spoke to today told me.

if so I will be celebrating on Friday with a little picnic tea for me and my family as its the little things that count.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I just hope the information giving was the correct information. if not I will as advised contact my local mp.

thanks again to all that replied.
sorry if I nag on a little its just nice to share my story with other mums xx

beedeepullen Wed 24-Jun-15 22:12:51

hi all just a quick update.....

my money will be backdated tomorrow, a day earlier than expected.

thanks all who replied with your kind words and advice smile

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