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Have you got a Rangemaster? Can't find any reviews!

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SophieHatters Thu 18-Jun-15 06:20:50

I've just bought a Rangemaster 60cm oven on impulse as our ageing Smeg may not last much longer, and the shop was closing down and it was a bargain.

It's still in the packaging so I can't get a proper feel of it though I remember seeing one a few months ago and liking the way it was made.

I'm a bit worried I've made a mistake - the Smeg is so solid and I love that, and hope the Rangemaster is just as good - aren't they made by AGA? So it really ought to be! smile

Also it's a ceramic hob when I have only ever really worked with gas. They did have the dual fuel one a while back but it has gone sad so I am fretting about that as well.

Any thoughts much appreciated as there are no reviews of this cooker anywhere I can find - it's the Arleston stainless steel one.

I wanted the Elise but didn't have a spare 2 grand knocking about or the space

Thank you!

blodynmawr Sun 21-Jun-15 14:48:45

We have a 10 year old 90cm Rangemaster range cooker with a ceramic hob.
It was installed new into our new (at the time) kitchen extension. We were looking at putting in an actual Aga/Rayburn at the time but the running costs didn't add up so we went for the cheaper and more energy efficient option. Love the ceramic hob on mine, is easy to clean and still looks as good as new. The cooker is still going strong and we have never had any problems with it <touches wood>....
HTH smile

SophieHatters Sun 21-Jun-15 16:10:12

Thank you so much! That's great to hear.

Just been back to the shop to look again and they have a 90cm induction range which is the Professional + one...less than half price.

I don't know what to do - kitchen will be a little more cramped with the 90cm one, but I saw the grill on the 60cm and really didn't like it - the pan scrapes on the bottom of it, and you can't shut the door without putting the grill pan on the floor, handle inside the cavity.

I don't fancy having the grill open all the time with a handle sticking out till it cools down.

I'm stuck - I don't think I can change my mind and have a refund on the 60cm one, because I bought it in the shop though I didn't see it as it was packaged.

They will let me buy the dearer one of course instead!

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