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Would love to meal plan but God my life's boring enough without knowing what I'm making for tea next Tuesday............

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ssd Tue 14-Nov-06 20:27:41

thats it really.

will have to remain skint.

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Tue 14-Nov-06 20:30:04

I feel exactly like that about it. I know I ought to. We do end up virtually not eating at the end of some months. (I admit, we do blow money on takeaways/booze/stupid days out at the start of some months too). DH and I are complete goons where money is concerned. I love cooking and am reasonably good at it, dh has two home-cooked meals a day - but meal planning is just a bridge too far for me. I deeply admire people who manage to do it though.

Miaou Tue 14-Nov-06 20:44:51

Dh bit the bullet and did a meal planner for us for the first time in years - it's a fairly vague one with things like "soup and rolls" for lunch, which means he then has to decide what to make the soup with, but it really helps when it comes to shopping

ssd Wed 15-Nov-06 08:02:37

it's a great idea and I wish I could get my head around it. part of me just refuses to try it cos honestly my life is one big routine and meal planning just feels like the final straw. my mum told me she used to do it and I should try it. I'll check out your link miaou, thanks.

moondog Wed 15-Nov-06 08:24:58

lol ssd

It's true isn't it?

I feel the same about folk who religiously do areobics/play snooker/wash the car on a particular day.

Would have me being carted off in a strait jacket very quickly.

I am a brill cook (boastful but true) but I don't

LadyTophamHatt Wed 15-Nov-06 08:26:50

ssd, you could have read my mind on this.

Even the thought of compiling a meal planner bores me to tears so to live /eat by one would finish me off.

I admire anyone who can compile one and stick to it though. I'd love to be able to but I just know I wouldn't.

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Wed 15-Nov-06 08:30:53

oh god absolutely

i meal plan when utterly skint

right now am one narroe rung above utterly skint

and my god I will not meal plan

eidsvold Wed 15-Nov-06 08:33:20

i do a general - this is what is up for this week and then just make whatever I feel like for the night iyswim - so a sort of meal plan but not rigid in that every day is planned.

Helps with the shopping.

Cappuccino Wed 15-Nov-06 08:35:54

I have just made some for the first time ever

actually I found that it made things more varied than before

before I would get to Sunday night and start making a list for Monday and end up putting all the same things down on it, while all my lovely recipes languished on a shelf

so I went through my recipes and put them on a spreadsheet which dh made me (he likes making spreadsheets ) with which ones were fish and which ones were chicken and which ones were meals for 2 with wine type meals and which ones were family meals

and then I sorted planners out for a few weeks and made shopping lists.

It does sound really sad I know but as I said we eat a much more varied and exciting diet now because I did it when I was feeling inspired rather than when I was feeling knackered and thinking oh god there's no food in, better get some, quick make a list before my eyes shut. Instead of having some of the same old favourites every week or fortnight there's over a month before they come round again

last night we had salmon en croute with a watercress sauce and there's no way that before that would have come out of the woodwork on a Tuesday, which is one of my most Stressed Days

AChickenBotherer Wed 15-Nov-06 09:05:00

moondog I can see the car thing but you do actually have to go to aerobics when the class is on

noddyholder Wed 15-Nov-06 09:26:37

You won't find it so tedious or boring when you are spending the money you have saved elsewhere It takes no time I literally open the larder and fridge make a quick list of what is in there and then add to it to make set meals.V easy once its done thats it I actually find it quite interesting now to see what I can come up with to keep it varied.I did it religiously a couple of years ago and saved enough money for a trip to greece!In fact need to get back to that

morningpaper Wed 15-Nov-06 09:31:48

oh yes ssd

I know it is sensible

but what next? pinnies? blouses? DH leaning on the fireplace with a cigar while I bring him his slippers?

It's a slippery slope

Cappuccino Wed 15-Nov-06 09:32:49

I don't have a pinny

or a cigar-smoking dh

I don't actually see the connection

it's just like keeping a diary or a to do list at work

noddyholder Wed 15-Nov-06 09:33:15

I do mine wearing pvc knickers and a riding crop It works really well

morningpaper Wed 15-Nov-06 09:34:10

keeping a diary


I could just have a calendar marked Days Left Until I Die

Cappuccino Wed 15-Nov-06 09:42:39

what's wrong with writing dates down in a diary?

is life more spontaneous and fun when you forget to go to meetings?

Bozza Wed 15-Nov-06 09:46:30

You see I think the expressin "menu plan" is a bit off putting. I just come up with three meals for the week, make double quantities of them all and make sure we have enough veg/pasta/rice for whatever I have got in the freezer.

So I have chosen for next week mushroom and parmesan risotto, roast chicken dinner and sausage casserole. I will make them on one of the four days Fri-Mon, probably the chicken on Sunday but not necessarily if we get invited somewhere.

Then the rest of the week we will have something from the freezer which doesn't need to be planned. ATM in the freezer I have veg soup, lasagne, spag bol, meatloaf, quiche, acapulco chicken.... so we can have what we fancy from that.

ssd Wed 15-Nov-06 10:08:46

big part of me knows it would be sensible but I struggle with being sensible. hardly ever go out, get a hangover with a glass of wine, same dh for years, etc etc.

maybe not meal planning is my one treu act of rebellion

( now thats sad)

ssd Wed 15-Nov-06 10:12:37

plus if my kids don't get chips and chicken nuggets they moan the head off me.

this week I've made stifado (they moaned and ate it under duress)

spag bol (see stifado)

cheesy pasta ready meal done in the microwave from Asda (they couldn't get enough)

tonight pork, mash, roast veg and apple sauce (they'll be heading for the hills with this...)

I'd meal plan if I thought the buggers would eat it...........

Cappuccino Wed 15-Nov-06 11:26:03

it's quite nice thinking 'what shall we have for tea tonight' and check on the list and think 'ooh that sounds nice' and all the ingredients are already in the fridge

rather than standing in front of the cooker holding a hunk of cheese and weeping

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Wed 15-Nov-06 17:48:55

yes, agree, meal plam refusal is my one act of rebellion against the grown up world.

Anyway it is unneccesay as I always know what we are having.

Summer: lunch salad and jacket potato, supper, jacket potato and stirfry

Winter: lunch as above, dinner roast veg and jacket potato

so my life is easy enough really

I do sometimes play fast and loose with the stirfry/roast veg.

iota Wed 15-Nov-06 17:54:26

I live life on the edge and never meal plan

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Thu 16-Nov-06 08:21:53


too cool to meal plan, thats me

FrannyandZooey Thu 16-Nov-06 08:25:16

MN always educates me

I never knew that malt loaf was edgy, before, and now - refusal to meal plan

you are all too fast for me

Cappuccino Thu 16-Nov-06 10:15:14

it's a scary new world Franny

I have to admit it's moving too fast for me

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