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Help! Caught a mouse in a glue trap!

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trulyscrumpt10us Fri 12-Jun-15 16:39:56

Wasn't sure where else to go for help, I've got a mouse stuck to a sticky trap and don't know what to do with it!!!

kimmyw Fri 12-Jun-15 17:56:34

Put the poor thing out of its misery

Spidergirl2015 Fri 12-Jun-15 17:57:11

Those traps are cruel.

FannyFifer Fri 12-Jun-15 17:57:59

You need to put it out its misery quickly.

SunshineAndShadows Fri 12-Jun-15 17:59:28

Hit it quickly on the head with a heavy object - house brick or similar. Glue traps are hideously inhumane and result in muscle injury, panic and a slow death of dehydration. Please stop using them.

chemenger Fri 12-Jun-15 17:59:40

What did you think would happen? These traps seem horrible to me. You need to kill the mouse now, as quickly as possible. Drop it in a bucket of water or, imo preferably, bash it on the head with a heavy object.

EatShitDerek Fri 12-Jun-15 18:00:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CaTsMaMmA Fri 12-Jun-15 18:00:45

and this is why you use decent snap traps.

get rid of the glue traps for goodness sake.

CtrlAltDelicious Fri 12-Jun-15 18:01:47

Why on EARTH did you buy such a horrible object if you're not prepared to use it properly? Awful things. I suspect you won't be able to put it out of its misery and the poor thing will now have a painful and drawn out end. angry

ThePhoenixRising Fri 12-Jun-15 18:15:12

Buy a humane trap that shuts them in and you can take them out and put them outside (preferably a good distance from your house).

The snap traps can do quite a nasty job too. Can be very messy and painful for the mouse if it doesn't work right off.

trulyscrumpt10us Fri 12-Jun-15 18:16:01

I didn't realise the trap didn't kill the mouse! I know that sounds stupid but "glue" sounded less awful than being poisoned to death and the snapper traps seem so gory. I didn't realise I'd have to deal with a living mouse. I feel awful.

kimmyw Fri 12-Jun-15 18:17:07

Is the mouse still alive?

ThePhoenixRising Fri 12-Jun-15 18:17:45

OMG just googled glue traps. That is a disgusting way to trap an animal.

Northernlurker Fri 12-Jun-15 18:21:43

wOh for goodness sake! What did you think would happen OP? angry

Save it (using the tips linked below) or kill it but either way don't get yourself in to something you don't fully understand the implications of, thereby making a living creature suffer, again!

Methe Fri 12-Jun-15 18:23:07

You need to hit it on the head, hard and put the poor thng out of its misery.

BertieBotts Fri 12-Jun-15 18:26:02

Use a spade? Not so close quarters then but would be quick.

If you want a no-kill trap, the plastic humane ones work fairly well, but are pointless for an infestation because you have to release them miles away by which time they'll have suffered loads of stress anyway. But okay for catching a mouse the cat has brought in or similar.

AwfulBeryl Fri 12-Jun-15 18:26:32

Oh Bloody hell, can't you cut little mouse shoes out of the tape for it ? Then keep it as a pet...?
I don't think I could go through with putting it out of its misery.
The snap traps kill them really quickly.

AwfulBeryl Fri 12-Jun-15 18:28:07

I think they can dehydrate quite quickly in the "humane" traps too, although I read that on here, so it might not be completely true.

BertieBotts Fri 12-Jun-15 18:33:37

We just used them for saving the cat's "presents" which they brought in alive and then left behind counters. They're pretty useful for catching escaped hamsters and gerbils, too.

I think I would probably find the manliest neighbour I had and cry at them like a big wimp blush

jelliebelly Fri 12-Jun-15 18:34:42

Put the poor thing out of its misery and think twice before killing anymore!

AwfulBeryl Fri 12-Jun-15 18:35:38

Ah, so you have used them successfully? I was a bit worried I would find a dead mouse who had eaten its own little mouse paws.
I would much rather do that then release them, do you have to take them far ?

Gileswithachainsaw Fri 12-Jun-15 18:37:43

aw poor muse. you have to put it out of its misery I'm afraid. before it eats itself or skins itself trying to escape. yku need a brick and a carrier bag. put it in bag at bottom and hit as hard as you can

ClashCityRocker Fri 12-Jun-15 18:44:43

I wish they'd ban glue traps, they're just awful.

Second the plastic bag and brick approach.

BertieBotts Fri 12-Jun-15 18:46:47

I'm talking about the ones sold as "humane mouse traps", square plastic tunnels with two gates which trap the mouse inside.

For cat-caught mice we didn't take too far because they want to go back to their nests. Keep the cat inside for a few hours. You can't use them for mouse infestations, because of course they'll want to come back to the nest. I suppose you could, but you'd have to drive them miles away by which point they might well dehydrate. But I don't think they dehydrate in a few hours in a dark quiet space trapped in the thing. You can use fruit to lure them which is juicy, anyway. Don't use cheese because they can't actually digest it.

Having said that, I'm not a mouse expert. It might be that they were actually distressed/dehydrated by being caught in the trap and released, but they seemed fine. On other occasions we used to build a wall with videos around their hiding place to guide them out of the front door, stay quiet, move away and watch as they found their way to freedom! Cat was very pissed off but mouse was happy! It doesn't work with DVDs, they aren't heavy enough.

Betrayedbutsurvived Fri 12-Jun-15 18:47:04

Really cruel way to catch them. Kill it now, it's the kindest thing.

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