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Dirty pvc

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plymouthmaid Mon 08-Jun-15 20:54:47

Hi All
My back door is absolutely shameful ��. What's the best way to clean v v dirty pic??

plymouthmaid Mon 08-Jun-15 20:55:08


Whatamuckingfuddle Mon 08-Jun-15 20:58:07

I don't know but brilliant typo - perhaps stub with fairy liquid and warm water followed by flash with bleach?

Whatamuckingfuddle Mon 08-Jun-15 20:58:55

Well that's embarrassing- scrub not stub. I'll go hide now...

LIZS Mon 08-Jun-15 20:59:13


Princesspond Mon 08-Jun-15 21:01:41

Cif/cream cleaner fab for lots of things!

plymouthmaid Mon 08-Jun-15 21:03:59

Don't go we can send typos to each other all night!!
Great, thanks for the advice.

pressone Mon 08-Jun-15 22:12:22

I thought this was going to be about fetish clothing!

Don't use cif or anything abrasive, hose it down first to get rid of dust, cobwebs, tiny grains of soil/sand. spray with a water/bleach solution, leave for a couple of hours then hose down again (this is assuming it is the outside of the door, or you will need to wipe with water (put towels down under it). Then clean again with a mild solution of washing up liquiid. Use newspare to clean the class, or a kercher window wiper ) I luffs mine) and once dry oil the hinges, polish the door furniture and lightly wipe over the sealant with unscented or baby talc to remove excess moisture that may have got into the seals.

MargotLovedTom Mon 08-Jun-15 22:14:27

Blimey that's all very involved! I just use a microfibre cloth grin.

AtWorkNotW0rking Mon 08-Jun-15 22:16:38

Dirty? Pvc? Back doors?

Op are you aware that there's a new sex topic?

PigletJohn Mon 08-Jun-15 22:25:07

you can get a spray for uPVC windows and doors at building places. It is mostly used by fitters for their grubby fingerprints. You can also use car shampoo and a sponge plus soft paintbush for the nooks.

If you use an abrasive (including cream cleaners) it will take off the dirt, but also the polished surface, so it will get dirty quicker, and be harder to clean next time.

I have no knowledge of fetish clothing but I am pretty sure it will not be made of uPVC which is very hard.

Smurfingreat Mon 08-Jun-15 22:28:53

this stuff. Absolutely amazing, use it on all the doors and windows at the rental properties I clean. Just make sure the space is well ventilated!

DosDuchas Mon 08-Jun-15 22:29:37

gentle scourer sponge thing


DosDuchas Mon 08-Jun-15 22:29:58

yes - ignore pressone

way OTT

Smurfingreat Mon 08-Jun-15 22:30:49

Oh and agree, no Cif. You will put tiny scratches into the surface which will attract more dirt over time and make it impossible to keep clean. When I worked abroad cleaning boats this stuff was banned for exactly that reason.

MargotLovedTom Mon 08-Jun-15 22:57:35

Am I ballsing up by using a microfibre cloth then?

pressone Tue 09-Jun-15 21:44:27

My advice was for a door that is really, really not cleaned for 20 years sort of dirty - the OP did describe it as "absolutely shameful". Of course it is over the top if it is only dirty since last summer!

Perhaps my vision of absolutely shameful is a lot worse than yours. I'd go with Piglet John (anywhere!)

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