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Aaargghhh!! Dyed my hand blue - how do I get it off!!

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whataterriblefuss Sun 07-Jun-15 13:10:04

Decided to do some dip dyeing and in a moment of sheer brilliance, decided not to put on the gloves as advised.

Result - a bright blue hand. The children are wetting themselves.

How do I get it off?!? Tried toothpaste, and hasn't really worked.

Anon192 Sun 07-Jun-15 13:11:55

U can get stuff from hairdressing shops that removes dye, it's only a few quid and works really well, don't know of any home remedies though, sorry. Good luck!

Aquamarine70 Sun 07-Jun-15 13:41:52

Try hairspray or nail polish remover.

whataterriblefuss Sun 07-Jun-15 14:36:07

Tried the nail polish remover, but didn't really work much - still most definitely blue...sigh.

Hairspray next, and then off to the hairdresser in the morning - great idea, thanks!

FernGullysWoollyPully Sun 07-Jun-15 14:38:34


snowaccidentprone Sun 07-Jun-15 14:41:09

Wear gloves to cover them up?

Only joking - try scrubbing them with a mix of washing up liquid and sugar - the coarser the better.

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