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***MONDAY FLY*****Declutter bathroom

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pippah Mon 13-Nov-06 07:58:54

Kelly's mission

Yes, it's decluttering the bathroom again. Seems like i've only just done this, and I'm pretty sure I haven't acquired any new clutter, so it means decluttering the spare bedroom for me....eek!

Trinityrhino Mon 13-Nov-06 08:01:01

good morning, sorry long time no effort made here

hope everyone is well

hmmm that mission sounds nice NOT

Flamesparrow Mon 13-Nov-06 08:04:58

Ok, I'm up for that - I might need yelling at if I've not done it by 1pm...

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 08:07:22

Morning all

Have really slipped on this, and boy it shows. I am about to get rid of DH and the girls for a few days so I can have some ME time, so on my list to do before wednesday is.....

Clean bathroom and toilet
Hoover upstairs
Clean carpets upstairs and downstairs
Clear out car
Hoover out car
Put all washing away in rightful place (not in basket at top of stairs lol)

So once that is done, I am having a well earned break. Will grab a book and head into town for a LONG sit in a cafe! Come home, have a LONG bath and get into pj's and veg infront of tv with a bar of choccy!!!

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 08:21:45

Morning all. We did this mission last month and I havent really acquired new clutter. yay!

There is also a *flyspot alert* of finding any outstanding library books and returning them.

Well this morning DD woke at 6am but we managed to get her into our bed and have an extra hour. Since we both got up I have dressed, showered, breakfasted, cleared kitchen debris, emptied and reloaded d/w and w/m, cleaned an oven shelf (dont ask??? felt compelled) and made the beds.....

{{feeling rather smug emoticon}}

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 09:33:35

aw, i've dropped DD at preschool and left straight away for the first time (last time i stayed through registration). She didnt bat an eyelid so no worries there. Now I need to work out what to do with the next 2 1/2 hours....

peegeeweegee Mon 13-Nov-06 09:34:43

Morning all...

Right, after a week or so of the dc taking turns to have some odd virus, I am back with a vengeance...

The house is a tip, but on the positive side, I do not have any library books to return, and I did the bathroom fling thing last time...

So, my jobs for today are:

Tidy, dust, hoover downstairs
One light load of laundry
One dark load of laundry
Washing up and put away
Tidy kitchen

right, will stop procrastinating and get a move on, will be back for a progress report...
(to bore you all to death and keep me motivated. )

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 09:43:36

I missed this thread this morning, and started another one

I've redirected myseldf here now though.

Second load of washing is finishing.
I will declutter bathroom as I didn't do it last month, and there may be stuff hiding.
My personal mission for today is to clean under/behind the sofa (DP moved it looking for something yesterday, and it is shocking)
Will also hunt for library books, as dd2 keeps getting reminders for books I have no memory of (I haven't worried too much, as children don't get fined. Mine are never late)

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 09:54:56

Morning all.
Mission is easy-None to clear.Infact i have run out of shower gel and shampoo/conditioner is about to run out!
Front room is ok but kitchen needs a good tidy again.I forgot to do dishwasher again last night.I need to get into a do it after dinner routine!
Right off to do kitchen first then will come back for a break!
Good to see you TR!
And JARM enjoy your few days of peace.Sounds like you will have a great time.

peegeeweegee Mon 13-Nov-06 10:27:11

Phew, I am back, with a lovely cuppa...

Have tidied, dusted and hoovered the hallway, lounge and dining room, and it looks sooo much better...

I think the first load of laundry is just finishing, so will go up and deal with that in a mo...

Have just taken the plastic booster seat of one of the dining chairs as dd no longer wants to use it. It is shocking - I am growing colonies of mould in there never before seen by humans!!!

The straps are brown (they were once white and don't come off for washing, so have decided to dump the whole seat in a bath of bleach...

Hope you are all having a productive day...., I am glad to be in the swing of it again today, there is nothing worse than dealing with poorly children, feeling poorly yourself and at the same time despairing about a tip of a house....

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 10:36:30

Mission done (sort of. I did try, but have nothing to throw away. It is tidy now though)
I've cleared behind the sofa, but can't find the hoover attachment I want. Going to go and hunt some more...

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 10:39:04

Kitchen tidier.Bit more to do but im stopping for a drink. Im all sneezy again.I think i might see dr about dust allergy because it seems never ending colds at the moment.I know i do suffer from dust allergy.Must be something i can take to help.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 10:40:19

hello all,

JARM....glad you are ok..I was getting a bit worried

was it really a month since the last bathroom mission? My bathroom is ok..all decluttered still.
need to clear out the top of my wardrobe.

I'm also half way through making snowflakes ready to stick all over the windows...its only a couple of weeks until dec..Chrimbo Ha!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 10:45:08

tort...have you tried Piriton?? It might help...I have perenial rhinitas (all year round allergies)
If I'm really bad I take antihistamines for a bit.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 10:49:29

Ludaloo Thats a good idea.There is some medicine in the cupboard will go guzzle some! (carefully measured out of course)

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 10:50:35

yuk yuk yuk!!
Tasting like that it better work!

singersgirl Mon 13-Nov-06 10:57:10

Will tackle one of the children's rooms, then, as our bathroom is de-cluttered. In fact it's leaking so badly everywhere we're not using it until it's been replaced - looking at quotes right now.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:03:17

lol! I hope it does...It usually does the trick for me tort!

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 11:03:25

I just cleaned my DDs room from top to bottom in 1/2 hour!!! <ost of her toys are downstairs and she doesnt have many shelves etc but even so I'm v. pleased. All that is left is to hoover but i mught get DH to fo that tonight.

I've also done nearly everything in my bathroom. Just have the cabinet to clean/sort and a small patch of tiles to re-grout. Other than that it is spic and span. I am AMAZED at how much you can do without kiddies around

Now off for a cuppa and a rest for an hour before I pick up DD. I miss her already...

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:05:31

Awww tinshoes! my ds is also at nursery for 2 hours in the morning....I am just off to get him actually...It is amazing what you can get done!!!

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 11:06:29

Ps. excuse my crappy spelling. not sure what happened there

Quootiepie Mon 13-Nov-06 11:07:30

Morning! Easy task today... all I have is one small shelf with a vase on it which needs emptying WIll try and do DSs room aswell... its abit of a mess. DH has hoovered and cleaned the kitchen, so thats done Just got to have breakfast then shower, then get going Its weekly home blessing hour aswell today!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:10:23

I seem to have missed this homeblessing thang...can someone explain?

I haven't signed up to the flylady page you see..I just use this thread to help motivate me

BudaBeast Mon 13-Nov-06 11:11:25

Hi guys

Well I have been out for coffe all morning some friends - one of the the Mums at school is leaving on Wednesday to have a baby - she is from Finland so is going back there to have baby.

My bathroom could def do with being de-cluttered but not sure I will have time today. I have bottles and bottles and bottles of stuff that I never use.

Had some friends over for lunch yesterday and with 6 children in total in the house the playroom took a bit of a battering so that is prob priority today.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 11:11:51

The home blessing is a bit much for me!
Had to strip DD2's cot.She wet herself in it.
Think i will do DD1's bed too if i ever stop sneezing and blowing my nose.

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