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How to get wax crayon off oak cupboard

(9 Posts)
jambot Mon 13-Nov-06 06:11:40

DD has just scribbled over an oak cupboard with a blue wax crayon. Not having much luck getting it off. Any ideas?

minder34 Mon 13-Nov-06 06:28:01

try giving it a quick blast with the hairdryer and then wiping with kitchen paper. I got crayon off my television like that.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 06:44:35

um...toothpaste is supposed to be good at getting wax crayon off things...not sure about unvarnished wood though...(if your oak cabinet isn't varnished)

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 06:45:44

actually saying that..I think it is for walls etc....have you tried a baby wipe? they are good at getting marks off too.

jambot Mon 13-Nov-06 07:17:17

It's not varnished, so has gone right into the grain. Will try the baby wipe.

jambot Mon 13-Nov-06 07:42:15

Sorted! The wet wipe worked perfectly! Thanks a lot. All gone before Daddy saw it!!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 07:43:45


Wet wipes are great aren't they!!

nikkie Mon 13-Nov-06 20:35:23

All I know is never try to sand wax crayon!
When dd2 was little she coloured all over my new doors and we tried to sand it off-now have a greenish tinge.

bellabelly Wed 17-Nov-10 17:15:37

Thank you thank you thank you for this old thread. Babywipes truly are a miracle!

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