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Where do put paperwork that needs action? Small house & nowhere to put it all!

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Jemster Thu 04-Jun-15 20:08:14

I need a system for all the random paperwork that comes into this house. I had today forgotten about doing the form for my ds's school
trip & then I couldn't find it anywhere!
We have a small hallway & kitchen so there doesn't seem to be anywhere there I can create myself an 'office'. Living area is bigger but full of dc's toys, games etc.
I need to find a home for all my admin bits but how/where?
Please tell me what you do.

HolgerDanske Thu 04-Jun-15 20:16:21

If its just for things to keep track of that can be discarded once the item has been met, I'd get one of those magazine file boxes (don't know the proper name for it). Every time a form comes home, first write the item on your calendar so you don't forget, then put the letter in the box. Makes it a lot easier to find things, and doesn't take up much room.

Rummikub Thu 04-Jun-15 20:40:40

I've got a to do ring binder. The important urgent stuff goes at the front.
I've got to remind myself to check it regularly now though!

storybrooke Thu 04-Jun-15 21:39:13

You could turn the inside door of a kitchen cupboard into command central? You'd just need a cork board, wood glue and some pins. Works well for us. Also, as well as a calendar we have a picture frame with the days of the week and dry erase pen so I can set myself reminders each week which I keep on the wall next to the front door so I know I'm not forgetting anything when I'm leaving.

If you wanted to go a step further you could hang three letter collectors (I foget what they're called but hold papers?) at the door, to open, to file & to recycle, that way you can sort it as it comes through the door. smile

Binglet Sat 20-Jun-15 08:43:29

I have one of these in our kitchen. One for me, DP, the kids and "To Do". I love it. Keeps all the post and paperwork in one place.

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