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broom or brush with a swivel head

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sacbina Tue 02-Jun-15 21:47:19

can anyone help me find this?

currently use an E-cloth deep clean mop head to wash tiles and bamboo flooring downstairs. its bloody brilliant and the easiest thing I've found for a quick swish around and the jobs done.

I want to find an equivalent for sweeping up the crap from the floor before I can wash it. I've looked at the microfibre type heads but can't see how I'm going to get the crumbs and hair off it into a bin without it going all over the place. looked at rubber brooms but again not sure how to get the rubbish off, apart from under a tap??

it has to have a swivel head to swish back and forth on a wide expanse of floor

does such a thing exist??

sacbina Tue 02-Jun-15 21:52:03

oh and looked at the dusting mop head that goes with the e-cloth thingy but not convinced it can cope with the amount of food my ds drops on the floor!

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