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What is the name of the miracle Lakeland oven cleaner?

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krisskross Tue 02-Jun-15 14:01:12

And any tips on doing it?

Used to get it done professionally but can afford it now.


wowfudge Tue 02-Jun-15 15:23:43

It's Oven Mate that Lakeland sell. I use Oven Pride myself - it comes with a bag you out the shelves in to soak clean.

wowfudge Tue 02-Jun-15 15:23:54


krisskross Tue 02-Jun-15 16:24:50

Excellent! Thank you

MrsPnut Tue 02-Jun-15 16:40:41

I use oven mate on the oven itself and use oven pride on the racks.

Put the oven mate on and leave it over night, then clean the inside of the door and remove it to allow for easier access to the oven. Using paper towels and a carrier bag, remove all the black gunk and then use a wet cloth to clean the inside of the oven.

I also have a stanley scraper, which is a razor blade in a plastic handle to scrape the stubborn stuff off the bottom of the oven.

krisskross Tue 02-Jun-15 22:22:37

Blimey thanks Mrs pnut, does it stink?

MrsPnut Thu 04-Jun-15 21:11:47

No not at all, it's quite inoffensive.

wowfudge Fri 05-Jun-15 00:00:46

But it is not stuff you want to get on your skin, clothes, the floor, units or worktops! One MNetter damaged her wooden worktops with it.... Not me: we have boring old laminate.

ancientbuchanan Fri 05-Jun-15 12:18:13

if you put a tray on the bottom of your oven, or a baking sheet, the bottom rarely needs substantial cleaning ( unless DH or DS have been "helping".

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