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arrival of warmer Spring weather and carpet moths

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wavingfuriously Mon 01-Jun-15 22:29:25

usually have a few clothes moths at this time of year but manage to keep them in check with moth repellent, not storing used clothes etc.. However this year have something new ...grrreat angry a few carpet moths have decided to make their home in my small hall carpet and have even found a few in the living room..not many, as least not many yet..but very worrying, the carpet is 100% wool..

hmm really don't like the sound of Rentokil putting pesticides down ..
anyone tried anything that actually works to get of these buggers insects ?!


cozietoesie Mon 01-Jun-15 22:34:04

I've got the blighters back again - looks like I missed some eggs in between the cracks in the floorboards in last year's hoovering. Luckily, I bought some fresh pheromone trap papers and those, together wth a serious hoover at the weekend (underside of carpets as well) seem to have cracked it.

wavingfuriously Mon 01-Jun-15 23:02:55

hi where did you get the pheromone traps from cozie ? and are they the right ones for the species of moth ?

cozietoesie Mon 01-Jun-15 23:53:53

Amazon or ebay is where I usually buy them - and they do say for carpet or clothes moths. (They only attract the male moths.) I use them because I'm edgy about putting down lots of chemicals even though I have wool carpets in the house which are a prime target. I also hoover like a banshee though - especially in cracks and crevices and the undersides of things. The lesser walked-on places are where the females seem to like to lay.

midnightmoomoo Fri 05-Jun-15 18:53:25

We've used a powder from homebase which seems to have done the trick, we discovered them at the beginning of December!

Powder on carpet, underside of carpet, underlay plus in the cracks of floorboards at infestation site, plus lightly over rest of carpet and round edges every two weeks. Hoover every other day in between. It's been fine even with two cats and youngest child has asthma.

It's a right pain to do but consistency is the key with whichever method you opt for. I didn't know we had wool in our carpet, I don't remember noticing when we chose it, but they ate it so it must have some in it! Thankfully the bald patch is next to the skirting board so I can hide it. They don't fly much, they tend to walk which is why you need to treat more than just the area you found them in.

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